Hello, sweetie.

The first attempt at making you lot smile.

The first day of forever starts right now. Right as you're reading these words, somewhere, something is happening. People are living, breathing, working. Your eyes are flicking along, reading these words, and your heart is beating. 

This started as so much more. A empty page, waiting to be filled with something worth remembering. But now, its just a set of words, with no real meaning. I feel like that sometimes. A set of words, joined together by skin and hair and a reasonable brain.  People don't remember your favourite food, or the boy you liked in primary school. They don't ponder why you named your fish Bubbles, or the real reason you joined together your freckles with blue pen.

They remember the things you say, the things that made a difference. And I don't think I make much of a difference. Wild hair, blue eyes, freckles. Nothing much. I'm not the next Shakespeare, or Anna Karenina. I'm not going to run away with a man twice my age, or fake my own death to escape a power hungry court in Denmark. I'm just.. me. And maybe the world should be fine with that.

Goodness knows I am. 

The End

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