What is my name ? Surely you know by now...

Cassandra :


Train rides really weren`t her thing unless you were mentioning the Orient Express and since i am sure it isn`t the case i see myself in a  raft in the middle of an ocean.First it seemed a bit strange but as soon as i realised that by controlling the way i describe the scene no harm can come to me,i relax and start enjoying the scenery.

This great mass of water at my disposal to travel upon,i tried to see any landmarks to guide me thru this make believe trip and yet as my eyes searched the horizon,no recognizable sites come to view.

A voice from bellow replied to my wonderiing eye.

"Look within yourself,child."

Eerie voice,that as much as i looked and looked i couldn`t see where it had come from or who it was,perhaps a sea creature i reasoned with myself.

The light in the sky was getting more and more thin,not really sun set or a cloud over showing the sun light,no this was a sort of absent light,if that made any sense to you readers.

I  was still  pondering on what the voice had said to me,and i thought....

..." Is the raft in the ocean,Me ?"

...."Is this supose to be an inner voyage ?"

...."And the absent light,the path to discovery ?"

As each thought spread inside my brain at a speed faster than normal thought.

I see myself in another sea,one that i know by heart,my face opens up,and i know i am smilling.

"You goofs..."But the harsh words are said with a spoon of laughter in each syllabe,and she looks around.

She is surronded by all of them; her fellow protagonizers writers...

The End

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