Bad Cherry

I had to resist the urge to reach out and take her wrist, so I could really see her, if I touched her I’d know if she was friendly or secretive, hostile, shy or whatever. I’d just be able to see her clearly. But since I no longer had the visibly blind card I couldn't do that without being creepy. And me standing here silently was creepy enough.

"You’re new here." I said. I hoped that was true.

She nodded, slowly and cautiously.

"I'm not." was all I managed then I added lamely. "I'm Jeff--rey" While all that was nice to know I didn't see the point in me telling her that and she probably didn't either. So I added like I’d heard in movies.

"If you need any help I can show you around." A school I barely know myself. I didn't add.

She smiled finally losing the soon to be murdered deer look that she wore so well.

I gave a discreet sigh of relief, past the awkward part and now she could shrug me off like any other lame guy that used that famous pick up line.

But I felt I deserved a chance to be normal to her so I added.

"Sorry that was really choppy, I'm just not used to talking to people." which sounded worse so I decided not to try and clarify it, I was humiliated enough already. She could scream and run for cover now.

But she didn't. She rummaged in her bag and pulled out a sticker, which she stuck to her chest.

"Hello, my name is Cherry." I finally deciphered. I chuckled because it was cute in a dorky way which made me feel better about my whole introduction

Cherry was busy writing something in her note pad.

‘This guy is creepy report him to the principal ASAP.’ I guessed.

When she held it up with a bright smile I was really hopping she'd make my life easier and read it to me but all chances of that were lost as I read.

"It’s good that you don't talk much, because I can't talk..." she flipped the page.

"…and writing is tiring."

I didn't mean to smile. I know it was insensitive, just about as insensitive as say…

I’m mute.

That’s awesome!


No wait that was kind of what I just did. Hmm.

But I couldn’t help it I’d found someone who was like me. She’d understand that talking wasn't the only way to communicate just like eyes weren’t the only way to see. We could totally relate!—in a completely platonic way, I’m not one of those guys…unless she initiated it I’m not exactly going stiff a cute girl. I’m not that blind.  

"So do you need any help?" I asked feeling like this was the beginning to a long and beautiful friendship. More like long, dangerous and terrifying friendship! I knew that the second I’d taken her wrist. I didn't need it to lead her to her class but I needed it to finally get a feel for who she was. And suddenly her face did not match the vibes I was getting from her wrist. It was like holding the hand of a trained mountain lion. Fierce, dangerous but unnaturally calm just waiting for the trainer to turn his back so she could strike.

Bad Cherry.


The End

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