Intro to Cherry

The reason for this, I had been blind for the first twelve years of my life and then magically I ran into a very wide tree while running from something that growled. I’m not sure what was doing all the growling; knowing my luck it was probably a bunny with digestive problems. But this is not the magical part, when running into a tree very deemed magical, klutzy sure. When I woke in the hospital I could see! Magic part.

So after I learned the basic stuff like colors, shapes and how to read with my new found sight, my parents took it into their good hearts to pretend I had always been normal and put me in school. Normalcy is over rated.

I’m pretty good at pretending too. I pretend that I really like school, that I have a lot of friends and I’m living like a normal human but I know I’ll always be different; separated by a handicap that no longer applies.

When no one else is looking I like to close my eyes and pretend I’m still blind and everything is normal--my kind of normal. Like right now.

As I stood alone in the hall gathering the courage to have the nurse stare into my gray eyes, they still hadn’t taken up a color; so I appeared slightly blind if I didn’t focus.

I closed my eyes and let my other senses explore the school. I stretched out my hearing as far as I could, eavesdropping on all the classes, and listen to whoever was in the broom closet doingwhat. I stretched out my hands and felt the air around me, my hand brushed my locker. Ouch! Painful.

I took one blind step forward, and pushed off of the locker I was somewhere in the middle of the hall, no walls around me. I was floating in a world of nothingness, unpolluted with colors and shapes. The only signs of life reaching me were the garbled bits of speech as all noise crashed into each other and became tangled. Other than that I was in my own little world, where anything was possible.

Again, life came with its abrupt interruptions. Rude.

The front door of the school was pushed open. The icy wind that wafted in with the newcomer bit my exposed skin and the soft sounds of footsteps echoed down the hall. I risked one last moment of clarity taking in a long sniff of the new comers scent, she smelled like pine trees. But not that annoying pine car freshener crap.

From her footsteps I could tell she was tall, light most likely thin—no petite. She was pretty, or at least she thought she was, she cared herself with a comfortable confidence. Her foot steps were hurried on the brink of a run, she was late for class but wasn’t eager or desperate enough to fully run.  

I sighed opening my eyes to confusion and turned to see who was running late. I don't remember seeing her before but she walked through the halls like she'd grown up here. She stopped at a locker closet to the entrance and popped it open. I don't remember seeing her unlock the lock it just open at her touch but I don't really trust my eyes too much so I let this oddity slide.

I don't remember staring at her but staring isn't really what one plans on doing so it’s only right that you don't remember it. One thing I did remember was she was pretty.

I'm not a great judge of beauty seeing as I’ve only being seeing for a few years but she didn't look like Melody so that ruled out ugly. Her hair was brown--or was it gold? It was a sort of hybrid, in between color. She had eyes but I couldn't make out the color as they flicked so quickly around the hall my eyes couldn't catch them.

But I could make out the curve of her face, it was perfectly proportioned I guess you could say symmetrical. If there is one thing I could make out with my eyes its shapes, I just trace the edges of the face in my mind and then I understand it.

Her eyes stopped flicking around the hall and they rested on me. They were green, bright blinding green I'd never seen someone with eye tissues so textured nor had I seen someone with such big eyes stare so hard. That’s when I realized I could see her eye tissues! I was standing inches from her, my gawking had drawn me towards her--another thing I do lot; sight distracts me and I get drawn to it like ‘ow something shiny!’


The End

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