Melody Lynnwood

"Hey Jeffery!"

I closed my locker, and turned to see Melody Lynnwood striding towards me. We shared three classes together and both sat in the front row so she assumed this made us buddies for life. She sat there ‘cause she was nerd but I sat there ‘cause I couldn’t see the broad from the back. Frankly I couldn't stand her, I don't think anyone could. She was a short girl on the brink of midget hood with equally short brown hair that she always held from her face by a head band. I didn’t notice until she told me but she changes head bands every day, they look the same to me. I always suggested that she let her hair grow and fall in her face it would take way from her frightfully sharp features or maybe she should just stop scowling so much. But she assumes because she’s smart she can get away with being ugly and bit-chy. She says and I quoteI don’t care much for looks because books don't have eyes...First off cheesy.

Second off Duh!       

Third, but everyone else does!

"Hey want to get a head start on this year’s assignment?" she asked in low whisper, leaning against the locker next to mine. Someone passing by might thing we were discussing something much more interesting like the weather.

“Hi Melody, how was your weekend? Mine was great, thanks for asking.” I said in that way people do when they want you to remember your manners or bucker off.

Yeah, bucker off.

Melody waited for an answer.

"The assignment isn't until Christmas break." I said as if this was an answer. She didn't think so and she continued.

"It's important, we calculate, if Weldoms team wins again I'll eat my head."

"Happy munching I'm busy." I said before I realized that I had. Melody looked confused.

"Your babbling." she said coolly before continuing her babbling.

The assignment Melody was so psyched about was Mr. Wang’s idea of a fun little going away quiz. The whole geography class and the football jocks--yes mixing two completely different groups is not smart; especially when one likes to pummel the other but no one told our geography teacher.

The point of his assignment, or game as he called it, was basically ‘capture the flag’. The geography class and jocks were first mixed then separated into teams; equal parts evil jocks and endangered geeks. Both teams went into the forest with the exact location of the opponent’s flag and they had to strategize and capture it first. It was an unspoken rule that the geography students planned and the jocks were the sent in to fetch the flag.

"..And if that happens I’ll eat my head."

Oh right, Melody was talking to me about something--I don't remember. Boy, I felt like a zombie.

"Oh I get it." I said comprehensively.

"You so blanked out on me didn't you?" she asked it was more a statement. I felt the glazed over eyes were a dead giveaway.

"No Mel." I said way too earnestly to be taken seriously. "I heard what you said and what is more I felt it most passionately." She raised her severely thin eyebrows at me.

"You know what, I’m going to change right now! my way of thinking, my being so I that I can make that date on time!" I added dramatically

"You’re weird." Melody said.

I laughed.

"I haven't noticed."

She glared at me. "Meet me in the library after school." and with that she stalked off and I resolved not to meet her at the library. The only thing I didn't know then was that even if I wanted to I wasn't going to meet her in the library or anywhere else.

"Jeffery!" It took me longer than I would like to admit to spot my friends Josh and his twin sister Ruby walking down the hall. They looked the same, acted the same, which is weird, did the same things. I sometimes think it would be less creepy if they were joined at the hip, at least then they'd have a reason. But all in all they were cool.

Josh was on the football team, the only one on it that would talk to me and I think because of that the rest of the football team didn't give me a hard time. Or was it because Ruby, she was a cheerleader, again the only one that would talk to me.

I didn't get a chance to talk to my friends for at that moment the bell rang and everyone started scrambling to catch their classes. The twins shouted for me to meet them at lunch before being carried away by the flow of students.

I, on the other hand had something else to do before entering my first class, I had to go to the school nurse and have her look fixedly into my eyes, go hmm then sign a note saying "this one’s okay!" smiley face.

The End

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