Hello, my name is...


Welcome to the vast expanse that is my creative imagination. Be wary, for here lurk monsters and other things unseen in the fog. The gas lamps are fairly reliable, but I would not trust them too much. Your flashlights will not work here.

The occasional train will pass through, some longer than others. Yes, I accept the literal performance of the metaphor. Derailings are often fairly spectacular, as long as you do not get caught in it. You could end up somewhere very different than where you started.

I could write an introduction, could tell you of myself, but that, dear reader, is what my profile is for. This, dear reader, is a chance for you to see my writing, to get a chance to dip your metaphorical toes in the still waters that pervade my musings. It is, in brief, a chance for you to encounter me as you will find me in my stories.

Please, do not mind the cat. His name is Ducky and he only thinks he runs things. Think of him as the man behind the curtain and pay him no mind. I am the woman behind the curtain behind the curtain.

I would love to have the chance to journey through the landscape that is your imagination. Please, feel free to offer us all a little tour.

The End

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