Getting to know Al.

We walked in an awkward silence to the drama studio. Al kept on opening his mouth to say something, but always stopped; taking note of my sullen expression. I didn't mean to look like this, I just look like this when I don't want to talk.

'So, um...' He finally began, I looked up at him expectantly.

'What?' I mumbled, looking at my toes. He really was beautiful, if he were a girl; he would be really fit. Heck, he's sexy anyway. 

'Why do you look so upset?' He laughed, 'is it because I didn't recognise you?'

'Um, no. I'm just tired,' I sighed. 

'You do look it.'

'Oh, thanks.' I said sarcastically. 

'See! You look happy now!' He chuckled, ruffling my hair. I couldn't help but notice the size of Al's hands as they came into contact with my head, I blushed and patted my hair back down.

'Why did you decide to do drama?' I blurted. 

''Cause I'm good at it. I prefer to direct, and write scripts an' stuff. 'Cause I like doing story boards and stuff. I'm also taking Art and English.' Al smiled, fiddling with his fingers, 'you?'

'I like doing practical work. I just really enjoy acting. Oh, and, um, I'm taking French and English along with that.' I stumbled over my words, making myself sound a little mentally impaired.

'D'you like French, then.'

'Yeah, I guess so.' I shrugged, then we drifted  back into the silence and walked on towards the drama studios. 

The End

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