Hello Love, you seem to have forgotten me.

The endeavours of Louise Richardson and her many loves...


'I'm sorry, this isn't working out.'



'Don't come crying back to me, Lou! I can't believe you thought he was any different from the rest of the boys you dated!' Molly, my best friend since forever, said coldly. I cringed and went back to my self pitying. 

'But...' I burbled, 'I thought... he just seemed nicer...'

'That's what all men do, babes. Then they go stab you in the back with a giant butchers cleaver.' Molly replied cooly, making me shiver at the sub-zero look in her eye.

'I'm never going to fall in  love again!' I declared angrily, 'I hate men!'

'That's what you said the past five times.'

'I mean it this time!'

'You said that too.'

I huffed and turned my head to stare out of the cafeteria window. Someone caught my eye, I thought I recognised him, but I couldn't be sure. I shrugged, but my fit-guy-radar didn't want me to look away from his chocolate brown, tousled hair, dark eyes and honey-tan skin. Oh, he was so tall... and slender... I shook my head and bit my lip.

He was definitely not here on enrolment day, Molly noticed him and waved. I looked at her, then back at him who was waving back at Molly; smiling. 

'Who's he?' I asked suspiciously, eyeing him up as he entered the hall and shimmied towards our table. 

'An old friend, you remember him, don't you? He was in a our form in high school? Year eight? But he moved to London, remember. Well we kept in touch.' She informed me quickly, I stared at her, waiting for his name. 'Al Bishop.'

I nodded as he came over, I didn't want to act like I had no idea who he was; 'cause that'd be rude.

'Hi Molly!' He beamed, I sat there, feeling left out as he hugged her, 'and your friend?'

'Oh, don't you remember her, Al? It's Louise.' She said carefully. His eyes flicked to me, then to Molly. 

'You serious?'


'Well you sure grew up!' He laughed, 'you've actually got a chest now!'

'Um... thanks.' I mumbled, rendered speechless by his sudden forwardness. I felt my cheeks redden a little. 

'Oh... Louise, don't. ' Molly sighed, running a hand through her long black hair. 

'I- I wasn't!' I waved my hands in front of my face in denial, 'I've- I've got to get to my drama class!'

'Drama? Oh, I've got that too. We can go together,' Al smiled. 

I looked at Molly helplessly. She just shrugged and went back to picking at her slice of toast. 

I had a feeling I was either going to end up liking this absolutely gorgeous boy, or hate him.

The End

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