Hello Darling: Part Seven

"These prints are definitely fresh, there's not dust inside the print," Emily observed, crouched next to the prints.

"And whoever it was seemed to know where they were going," Katelyn said. "Even though the prints are mixed up with ours, you can still the line from the hole to here."

Emily looked at the line her friend was pointing at. "Exactly. So now we have three questions, who are they, what were they doing here, and are they still here."

Katie was leaning against the wall near the two girls, sweeping her flashlight around the room. "Can we just go? Please?"

Emily looked up. "We need to find Scott. But you can go wait outside, Katelyn and I are staying in here."

Katie walked over to where they came in. "Where's the hole?"

"What do you mean? It's at the bottom of the wall by the machine you took the tarp off of," Katelyn said.

"No it's not," Katie said in a shaky voice.

Emily stood up and walked to her sister. "What do you mean, of course it…isn't…" she finished softly as she saw Katie was right. The hole was gone.

"Well where did it go?" asked Katelyn. "Holes don't just disappear, you know."

"I know that," Emily said as she handed her sister her flashlight and got on her knees. She pushed against the base of the wall, searching for a way out. "It's all solid," she said as she stood back up.

Katelyn looked at her. "So this means…"

"Means what?" Katie asked worriedly.

"It means that we're trapped in here," finished Emily.

The End

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