Hello Darling: Part Six

Four beams of light swept around the musty room. Dust swirled and settled with every step. A few wooden floorboards creaking ominously as someone stepped on them.

"This is incredible," Emily said softly as she bent down and picked up an old toy soldier. He was dusty, but his colors were still bright red and green.

Katelyn was examining an old sepia picture in a frame on the wall. She gently touched it, and the rusted wire snapped, sending the picture to the floor. Glass shattered and everyone jumped.

"Sorry," Katelyn apologized.

Katie was starting to get over her fear and was looking at an old machine. She pulled the tarp off with one hand and wiped some of the dust and cobwebs off the metal parts. It was an old machine used for making tin toys.

Scott swept his light across the ceiling; illuminating old fixtures covered in cobwebs. "Anyone know how old this place is?"

"The factory shut down during the Great Depression," Emily said.

"It was owned by a man named Richard Harrods. He built it after his youngest daughter died from an illness. She loved Christmas and toys, and her father built it in her memory."

"So is there a chance we would meet her ghost?" Katie asked nervously.

"No," Emily said as she shook her head. "Ghosts can only stay at their death place or a place that they had a strong emotional connection with, like the place where they got married. And besides, Harrods' youngest daughter was dead before the factory was built, you wouldn't find her here."

"Will we see any ghosts?" Scott asked.

Emily looked at Katelyn.

"During the construction of the factory, three men died. One fell down an elevator shaft," Katelyn started.

"And one was killed when a wood-cutting machine malfunctioned and pulled him under the saw," Emily added.

"And one died of mysterious causes while working late one night during the holiday rush," Katelyn finished.

"So those are the three we might meet," Emily said as she pulled cobwebs off a door handle.

"Do ghosts leave footprints?" Katie asked.

"Of course not, why?" Emily asked as she turned around.

"Because there's a set right here leading out this door, and none of us have gone over here."

Emily and Katelyn ran over to where Katie was standing. Three beams of light swept over the clearly defined set of footprints.

"Either we're not the first people here, or someone else is in here with us," Emily said as she looked around the suddenly very frightening room.

"Where's my brother?"

All three girls looked around. Like Katelyn said, Scott was gone.

The End

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