Hello Darling: Part Five

Thirty minutes later, Katelyn and Emily climbed out of a dark blue car and looked up at the old factory. The outside was covered in peeling and faded paint. In red, green, and white letters, 'Santa's Workshop' could barely be made out. The wooden walls of the building were worn from years out in the elements. Windows were boarded up, and graffiti stood out on the dark walls.

"Looks spooky," Scott observed as he walked up behind Emily.

"Yeah, and that's why we should leave," Katie added quickly from the driver's seat.

"Come on, you said you'd come with us! And besides, what are mom and dad going to think if they find out you let me go into an abandoned, possibly haunted Christmas Factory, with only my best friend and boyfriend?"

Katie glared at Emily and got out of the car. "You owe me do big for this."

Emily smiled. "I know I do." She turned back to the building.

"So how do we get inside?" Katelyn asked quietly.

Emily walked to the door and pushed against the heavy boards covering it. They didn't move. "Not this way."

"What about this?" asked Katelyn as she pointed to a trapdoor in the side of the wall.

Emily ran over and looked into it. "I can't see anything in there, does anyone have a flashlight?"

Scott handed her one. The bright light swept around inside the hole. Emily and Katelyn could see skeletons of old machines, some covered in old tarps.

"It looks like a good entrance," Katelyn said as she and Emily stood back up.

"We don't know how long we could be in there, so we'll need water, and maybe some food," Emily said as she wiped the dirt off her jeans.

"We're only going in there for a few hours, not a few days," Katie said as she laughed nervously. "Right?"

Emily sighed and nodded. "For now, but I'd love to come back and stay for a few days."

Katelyn smiled at her friend. "Sign me up for that expedition."

Emily smiled and turned back to the hole. "Who's first?"

"Well, since it was Katelyn's idea, and you're the ghost expert, and ladies first, it should be one of you," Scott said.

Emily rolled her eyes. "Is my brave military gonna-be scared of an abandoned factory?"

Scott smiled. "Course not. I'm only being polite."

Emily rolled her eyes and grabbed another flashlight, which she tossed to Katelyn. "Who's going first?"

"You're the ghost expert, not me. I don't want to the first one in if we run into any supernatural being."

Emily shrugged and turned her flashlight back on. "Okay. Then Katelyn, you come in after I do."

Katelyn nodded. Emily got down on her knees and checked the inside of the hole again. She put the flashlight between her teeth and crawled inside. Dust swirled around as she crawled across the floor. After she was completely inside, she stood up and took the flashlight out of her mouth. The white beam swept around the room, eerily making shadows dance around the room.

"Okay, Katelyn! Your turn!" Emily called over her shoulder.

Katelyn crawled in behind Emily, and looked around. "Wow," she whispered. "This is going to be fun."

Emily nodded excitedly as Katie crawled in.

Outside, Scott took one last look at the daylight, knowing it would be the last time someone in their group would see it.

The End

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