Hello Darling: Part Four

Everyone was up, and sitting together in the living room on chocolate leather couches that were against three of the walls. Katie had the remote, and the soft music of Christmas songs came from the flat-screen television hanging above the white marble fireplace.

"Nice shirt, Emily," Katelyn said as she glanced up from her book.

"Thanks," Emily replied as she sat next to Scott.

He looked at the blue-black flannel plaid shirt. "Isn't that mine, Em?"

Emily shrugged. "Maybe. But if it is, then why was it hanging up in my closet?"

"Touché," he countered as he leaned back and put his arm around her.

Katie shook her head. "So what do you guys want to do today?"

"Hey, isn't there this abandoned Christmas factory near here? We could go check it out." Katelyn's grey-blue eyes slid over to Emily, whose golden-brown eyes sparkled.

"I bet it's haunted," Emily added with a smile. She had a hobby centered around ghosts and the supernatural.

Scott started playing with her hair. "I'm game if Em is."

"I'm definitely in," she said.

Katelyn nodded. "Me too."

Katie looked around. "Guys, you know I don't like haunted things."

"Katie, I wore tight skinny jeans and an elf suit for you last night, come on, you owe me," Scott said.

Katie sighed, knowing she wouldn't win. "Fine. But if anything weird happens, I'm out."

"Deal," Emily said as she grinned and jumped to her feet.

The End

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