Hello Darling: Part Two

After everyone was dressed in their elf costumes, Katie led them outside, declaring her next surprise was here.

"Now close your eyes and don't open them until I say you can. And no peeking," she said as she backed down the driveway.

After a minute, she came back up the driveway with something that clip-clopped against the cement.

"Open your eyes!" Katie said excitedly.

The three opened their eyes and stared at the four caribou in front of them.

"Caribou? We're riding to the dance on caribou?" Emily asked, staring at her sister like she was crazy.

Katie smiled and nodded as she rubbed the nose of the one she was sitting on.

"Where did you get them?" asked Scott.

"I found this place online where you can rent them."

"Rent-A-Caribou business. Sounds like fun," Katelyn said with a laugh.

Katie rolled her eyes as Emily and Scott laughed with Katelyn. "Well, we're riding them to the party, so get used to it."

"Um, Katie? There's kind of a problem with this plan," her sister said.

"What problem is that?"

Emily pointed to the short skirts that all the girls were wearing. "Our skirts."

"Oh, that. Ride side-saddle."

Katelyn walked up to one of the caribou and rubbed its nose before swinging one leg over the red saddle. Golden bells jingled as she sat down. "There's not a problem, Emily. It's just a little tight over the legs. But since you're so thin, you probably won't have that issue."

Scott laughed and led his girlfriend to a caribou. "Now I can cross caribou rides with you off the date list."

Emily laughed and rolled her eyes as she swung one leg over the saddle. Once in her seat, she tried to pull her top down, but Katie had made the green top stop in the middle of her flat stomach, showing the diamond navel piercing.

"Ready to go?" Katie asked after everyone was mounted.

"Why not?" Katelyn said. Katie grinned and led the way out of the neighborhood.

She stopped at the stop sign near the exit of the subdivision. "It's almost Christmas!" she yelled as she stood in her saddle. The caribou grunted with the new weight shift.

Katie sat back down and patted its neck. "Sorry."

The caribou snorted.

"Come on, let's go," said Emily as her caribou started waking forward. The other three followed behind her, Santa's elves riding a small string of caribou into the night.

The End

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