Hello Darling


"One more week till Christmas!" yelled a girl. She was shorter than some people, with long dark brown hair and eyes.

"Katie, I don't think anyone's as excited as you are for Christmas," said another girl as she walked down the driveway to her shorter older sister.

Katie laughed. "You know I can't help it, Emily! It's Christmas, and there's this amazing Christmas party tonight that we're going to!"

Emily laughed and shook her head. "I still can't believe what you made our costumes look like for the party."

Katie turned around and smiled. "We are dressed as elves," she said as she ruffled Emily's red hair. "Because it is Christmas and the North Pole needs elves, little sister."

Emily rolled her eyes and took a step back, making Katie's hand fall from her head.

A red truck pulled into the cul-de-sac and Emily grinned and ran down the driveway. "Scott!"

Scott was her boyfriend. Some found him attractive, he was tall with shaggy brown hair and turquoise-blue eyes.

"Hey beautiful," Scott said as he picked her up and spun her around.

There was laughter from the other side of the truck as someone walked around. "Oh, and I'm chopped liver?" asked a tall pretty girl with long doe-brown hair and grey-blue eyes.

Scott set Emily back down and she ran to the other girl. "Of course not, Katelyn! You're my best friend!"

Katelyn rolled her eyes, but laughed and hugged her friend back.

Katie walked down the driveway and looked down the road. "They should be here any minute," she said softly.

"Who?" asked Katelyn.

Katie's eyes glittered mischievously. "No one," she said with a smile.

Scott grabbed Emily's hand and intertwined his fingers with hers. "Come on, Em. Show me what your sister's having us dressed as tonight."

Katie laughed. "Oh Scott, if you don't feel comfortable wearing tights, there's also a pair of red skinny jeans for you."

Emily blushed. "You wanted my boyfriend to wear tights?"

Katie shrugged. "That's what I'd prefer, but I can understand if he'd rather wear the jeans."

Scott and Emily started walking up the steep driveway to the pale yellow house with Christmas lights strung everywhere.

"Tights?" Scott asked softly.

"You're not wearing those," Emily said forcefully.

"Aw, why not?" Scott asked as he bumped her playfully.

She shook her head. "No tights."

Scott laughed as they walked inside and up stairs.

Katelyn turned and looked at Katie. "My brother in tights? What exactly are we going to the party as?"

Katie grinned. "Don't worry, you'll see. But I doubt he'll be wearing the tights."

Katelyn sighed with relief.

Katie laughed. "Come on, let's go inside and make sure they're changing into costumes and not sucking each other's face off."

Katelyn shuddered. "Yuck."

The End

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