The car continued to roll along for what seemed like hours to Melonie. Sweat covered her entired face and the more being sucked into the cloth the more came through her pores. Her throat was rusty and dry from the lack of water. Minutes later, the car came to a slow stop. On either side of the rode there were forest preserves with endless trees and no rode signs. Just a rode and trees.

"We're here," the man said. He got out of the car, engine still running, and made his way to Melonie's door. He opened it and grabbed her out of the car. Melonie stumbled to her knees, not knowing where she was stepping. The man lifted her up and pushed his hands down on her shoulders to maintain her balance. The man waved his partner away who rode off with the car. Now it was just him and Melonie.

"Your going to love this," he whispered half to himself. Hands still on her shoulders, he guided her into the preserve just off the rode.

"Mmmmmm," Melonie began to whimper. She shook her shoulders, which the man had a strong grip on, and tried to stop herself from walking. The man continued to push her forward with small but sturdy jerks. Melonie continued to stuggle and whimper.

"Okay," the man growled through clinched teeth. He snatched her left arm with his right hand and spun her around to face him. Still blind folded and duct taped, Melonie growled and twisted her body. The man squeezed her arms and gave her body a jerk. She stopped moving but continued to twist her shoulders. Her heart began to pound and she huffed hard through her nose.

"Now, look. Melonie you're going to be a good girl from this point forward. Do you understand? Aah! Stop. No fighting. Now, we're going to get you somewhere safe where no one will hurt you never again in million years. Now turn around and walk," he warned her. They began to walk again for another twenty minutes. They made their way through wild bushes, around a small swamp and over a large tree trunk. They continued the journey until they approached a trailer.

The man smiled. "We're here," he whispered. He gave Melonie a jerk and they walked up to the door. He moved Melonie to the side of the stairs.

"Stay," he ordered. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring of keys. He scrummaged through them until he found the right key. He looked to see if Melonie was still where he put her before he unlocked the door. He pushed the door opened and reached for Melonie's arm. He looked back and skimmed the trees. He frowned, closed the trailer door, and locked it.

The birds started to sing into the summer air and the crickets started to chirp. Together they sounded like a buzzer on a game show.

The End

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