Flesh and Blood

Sargent Eugene Palmer walked out of the front door of the house. He approached Ed posted on the sidewalk talking to a policeman. 

"Okay, great. Thanks," Ed said as the officer nodded and went in the other direction. Srg. Palmer approached Ed's side looking among the streets.

"Anything, boss?" Ed asked squinting against the sunlight. Srg. Palmer shook his head looking at the ground.

"Yea and nothing but a confused kid," he replied, resting his hands on his hips. Across the street, a police officer was talking to a stubby shouting lady who looked to be in her mid-fifties. She wore a long red and green strapless sundress, her hair wild about her head. Srg. Palmer half closed his eyes and looked the woman over.

"You know what we're dealing with here, right?" he finally said moving in front of Ed. He nodded towards the shouting lady across the street being pushed back behind the police line. Ed took a look at what was going on and back at Srg. Palmer.

"Witness?" Ed asked.

"Could be," Srg. Palmer murmured as he made his way across the street. He approached the shouting lady and the police officer, putting himself between the two.

"I got it from here," he said to the officer with his hand. He turned to the lady and held her arms.

"I'm Sargeant Eugene Palmer with the police S.W.A.T. unit. What is your name, ma'am?" he asked.

"Angela," the lady replied.

"Seems like your eager to talk to someone, Angela," he rose his eyebrow. The lady cleared her throat as Srg. Palmer let her arms go.

"Yes, yes I am," she replied formerly. Srg. Palmer nodded.

"Well, I can help you wit that. Follow me," he said motioning for the lady to come with him.


Srg. Palmer took the lady to the S.W.A.T. command post truck. He grabbed the handle and turned to the lady.

"In here are two of my men recording and documenting everything that is said and done in this case. Now, when you go in here to speak to me that will also be recorded. Whatever you say can be helpful. Okay?" he explained. The woman said nothing but look at him.

"Okay," Srg. Palmer muttered and they both entered the truck.

"... police and Detective Netvers are on the scene," one member said into the command post recorder. The words popped up across the blue screen in white letters.

"Team, this is Angela. She's a possible witness to the case and may have some information," he introduced the lady. The two men stopped what they were doing and nodded at the sargeant.

"Angela, this is Officer Ralph and Officer Scarlotti. You can talk to them. I'll be right back," Sargeant Palmer said. He left the truck slamming the door behind him.

"Have a seat Ms. Angela," Officer Scarlotti gestured to a nearby chair. Angela sat. He rapidly ran his fingers over a keyboard and played with codes on the screen. He pushed one key with force and within seconds footage of home security cameras from all over the block popped up. He smiled and leaned back in his chair.

"Got the security cameras going boss," he spoke into his earpiece.

"Good, now rewind those cameras and see what you can find," the sargeants faint voice came through the piece.

"I'm on it," Officer Scarlotti replied and began his work. Officer Ralph spoke into the microphone on what Officer Scarlotti has done after speaking on Angela's entrance. He spun his chair around facing Angela. He had dark brown eyes that seemed to always stare off into the distance, milk chocalate skin and thick kinky and curly hair. He smiled warmly at Angela.

"I'm Ralph. Nice to meet you," he said shaking her hand. Angela gave a smirk and skimmed the truck.

"I want to help you find Melonie. I've known her since she was a little girl. Actually, I'm her neighbor. I live right aross the street from her house," Angela said. Ralph looked at her as she spoke.

"Melonie's a good girl. She's good in school, at sports, and she loves astronomy and extraterrestrial subjects," She continued.

"What about home life? Do you know anything about that?" Ralph asked resting his forearms on his knees.

"Melonie's from a single parent family. Her mom, Jessica. She works day and night shifts at the Jones Marshall Clinic downtown. Mostly night shifts. She gets all sorts of crazy hours which brings her home early mornings sometimes. I know because I hear her car going into the driveway almost everyday at the same time through my window," Angela spoked. She smoothed her dress out with the palm of her hands and looked at the blue computer screen.

"Does she have a father present in her life or?" Ralph said. Angela squinted her eyes and gave out a deep huff.

"Melonie's father been in jail for years. She was around six or seven years old. Her mother and I hold conversations every once an a while. She told me. She really doesn't talk about it much. Poor Jessica," Angela whispered holding her mouth. Scarlotti stopped tapping the keys on his keyboard and looked at Ralph who exchange glances with him. He turned his head to Angela and cleared his throat.

"What is the man in for?" he asked.

"I honesly don't know, sir. I believe Jessica told me something about aduc-, abduct-," Angela struggle to find the word in her head. Scarlotti twisted in his chair and examined Angela with squinted eyes.

"Abduction?" he said. Angela nodded. Scarlotti leaned back in his chair and let out a sigh.

"Abduction," he repeated the word. He then again glanced at Ralph who continue to stare at Angela.

"What's the fathers name?" Ralph asked. Angela looked at the floor and thought hard. Scarlotti returned to his computer and pulled up a seperate window in the corner of the screen. It read DATABASE: FILES at the top of the page. Angela mouthed a few times and tapped her knee quickly. Ralph sighed and waited patiently.

"Angela?" Scarlotti said. Angela head snapped up quickly and she turned to Scarlotti with wide eyes.

"Michael. Michael Hulbick," she blurted. Scarlotti smirked, nodded and typed the name into the search engine. Seconds later, a page popped up with a picture of a man on the left and words on the right. The man in the photo looked as if he was currently going through a loss of a close friend. Not family, friend.  He had a full beard that went unshaved for a least a month. His mouth was twisted up into a mysterious smirk that gives someone an uneasy feeling when stared at too long. His eyes were the most intriguing. The sea blue pupils showed pain, joy, and sadness all in one. There were words below the picture. They read Michael John Hulbick.

"Michael Hulbick. Ralph look at this," Scarlotti said pointing at at the screen. Ralph leaned in to see closer.

"Arrested for child abduction and domestic abuse on February 23, 2003," Ralph said.

"Look at this. Melonie Hulbick, 6, was abducted by the subject on December 18, 2002 from a neighborhood park, Shore Meadow, at 4:23 p.m. The subject Michael Hulbick was later found to be the father," Scarlotti read in thought. Angela looked over the file and pointed to the screen.

"Last line," she said. Scarlotti and Ralph glanced at the screen. Ralph grunted and leaned back in his chair. He rubbed his eyes with his thumb and index finger.

"Scarlotti," he said in a worried tone.

"I know," Scarlotti replied, typing quickly. He turned to Angela and nodded at her.

"Boss, we may have an idea on who we're working with," he said into his earpiece.



The End

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