No More Worries

Melonie sat in the back seat of the car, heart racing. Her mouth was sealed tight with duct tape and her eyes were blinded by a black cloth. Her ankels and wrists were tied with plastic cuffs. She wormed and struggled to get out of the matter but it did nothing but caused pain around her ankles and wrists.

"Mmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmm!" Melonie started mumbling and crying and wiggled harder. The car went over a deep pot hole, Melonie felt, sending her flying into the door bumping her head hard. She stopped moving much trying to wear off the pain she felt. Her eyes started to fill with warm moister and her throat started to open and close. Help me somebody, she cried in her head. Please. The car came to a stop. Melonie sat up, trying to make out what was going on with her available senses. She turned her throbbing head wildly as if she could see what was around her. The sound of the ignition stopping made Melonie's heart jump. She scooted as close to the door she sat next to as close as she could. The drivers door opened and closed with a loud slam. 

"Mmmmm..." Melonie whimpered. Tears fell from her eyes, being soaked up by the black cloth blocking their view. The opposite door she was from, opened up sending in a whoosh of hot summer air. Melonie pressed her back against the car door and waited for what came next. The area went quiet. Melonie listened for a sound of any kind. There was dead silence.

"Why not?! All you had to do was listen to simple orders, man! Now that gives me extra work to do. We're falling behind on schedule!"

Melonie jumped to the sound of a deep and angry mans voice in the distance. She pushed her back harder against the door and used her fingers to feel around for the car door handle. Her trembling fingers searched wildly for the feel of a handle. The man continued to shout orders as his voice came closer and closer to the opened car door. Melonie's index finger ran across the shape of the car door hand. She managed to wrap her remaining fingers around the handle and pulled it towards her back. The door was locked.

"Mmmmmm!" Melonie whined and grunted slumping in the back seat of the car. The air coming from the opened car door was hot and not breathable. Beads of sweat ran down Melonie's forehead getting sucked into the black cloth around her eyes.

"Where is she?" the voice demanded. There was no reply, but Melonie knew the man had pointed to the car. The thudding of the man's boots was loud and dry. Melonie faced the direction of the sound, holding her breath. The man stopped just outside the open car door and, instead of looking inside, he scanned the surroundings. There were no surroundings, though. They were in the middle of nowhere. A place sort of like a desert with miles and miles of browning and an endless blue sky containing a blinding sun. The sun beamed on the mans face, which bothered him none. He turned to look at his partner and gave him a little nod before entering the car.

Melonie shifted her body back and forth for comfort. That was all she could think of right now. Comfort. The man sat in the back seat, playing with his fingers. He glanced over to Melonie, who was now motionless. He reached over and pulled down the black cloth from her eyes. Melonie blinked wildly adjusting her eyes to the image before them. Melonie turned and looked at the man. She was confused, scared, and hungry.

"Melonie. It's been a long time. Eight years. Eight years of stress I've lived everyday wondering will I ever see you again. Ever since we parted, I couldn't imagine how troubled you would be without me. But I'm here now. No more worries, darling. No more," the man said staring at his hands.

Melonie shook her head and grunted. The man looked up at her panicking face.

"You don't remember me. I know. We'll work on that. Like I said, no more worries," the man whispered. He reached over and tied the black cloth back around her eyes and exited the back seat.

Melonie began to struggle again as she heard the car door slam shut. The two men got in the car, the man and the driver's seat.

"I have something to show you, Melonie," he said looking at her through the rearview mirror," I think you'll love it."

Melonie didn't respond. She sat motionless. She couldn't cry anymore. She couldn't struggle anymore. She couldn't think anymore. She could only sit.

The engine of the car started up. It pulled away slowly, leaving its tracks behind.

The End

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