Without a Trace

Dawn began to arrive giving off a red fiery glow in the sky above Randall's head. The air began to become more dense as the seconds ticked, what seemed to be so loudly, away on his wrist watch. Randall stood amid the backyard where the telescope was set up and Melonie once was. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know what to think. All he knew to do was breath which he barely was doing. Everything happened so fast that he couldn't clearly recall what he last said to Melonie. 

"Randall, what are you doing son?" His father appeared at the back porch door, still dressed in night clothing. He stepped onto the porch to get a better view of the backyard. After a short scan, he wrinkled his brow.

"Melonie couldn't survive the night outdoors, huh?" he joked but said seriously. Randall slightly shook his head in response to Melonie's name and didn't reply. He stood next to the telescope looking at the ground absent-mindedly.

"Or, or, or did she get chased off by a ferocious, growling coyote into the woods?" His father bellowed a loud laugh holding his round belly and cocking his head back. Randall h

"Dad -," Randall started, looking at his father, eyes beginning to water.

"No, tell me Randy. Did she get attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes and hid herself in the tent. Hey, Melonie you can come out now!" he shouted and laughed even harder and louder.

"Dad-," Randall cried out louder than before.

"No, no! She -," his father began again but was cut off by Randall's loud shout.

"Dad! No! Melonie is missing!" Randall shouted with a shaky voice. His voice didn't sound like his own through all of the anger, panic, worry, and bewilderment he was feeling.

"Wait, what?" his father doubted walking up to him in the middle of the yard.

"Dad, she's gone. She was gone since last night. I went in the house to grab us some fresh drinks and when I came back, she was gone!" Randall cried, his voice cracking.

His father stood still in his place in the yard. He moved nothing but his head to look at the telescope placed in front of him.

"She disappeared?" he said with no expression in his voice. He never took his eyes off of the telescope.

"Yes," Randall sobbed.

"Without a trace?" the man murmured.

"Without a trace," Randall repeated.

The End

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