Stars Aligned

"Hey, Randall come look at this," Melonie said, her hands gripped onto a telescope tightly. It was mid July, and the stars was glowing a bright mellow yellow. They scattered across the sky in no sort of formation at all. The air was murky, but it was breathable. Randall and Melonie planned a camp-out in his backyard to look at the stars shining above their heads. Melonie herself was obsessed with stars and she did nothing but look at them even  in the daylight when they barely can be seen.

"Let me take a look," Randall said approaching the telescope. He closed one eye and peered through the telescope with the other. Melonie stood next to him, smile across her face as if she was looking at a bowl of strawberry ice cream.

"Isn't it wonderful. I mean, how delicate and well positioned they are," Melonie stated. She looked up at the sky, and her smiled faded. Randall stood up right and glared at her with a doubtful look on his face.

"What's wrong Melonie?" he asked her, stepping closer. Melonie didn't answer; she just continued to stare at the sky. Randall waited for her to respond and then gave up.

"Um, well I'll go in the house and bring out something fresh to drink. You look quite parched," he suggested breaking the silence. Not responding still, Melonie continued to look at the sky. Randall pierced his lips, slipped his hands in his back pocket, and headed towards the house.

"Huh?" Melonie mumbled to herself after hearing the door close behind Randall. She stepped to the telescope and started to look into it until she heard a loud rustle from the tree nearby. She froze and looked up and scanned the backyard with just moving her eyes.

"Randall?" she squeaked. The sound came again. This time behind her. Melonie spun around quickly on her heals. She browsed the yard but still saw nothing. Melonie heart began to race. She slowly walked forward, glancing around everytime she heard the rustling.

"Okay, Randall. Stop playing and come out so I can see you. It's to dark to play hide-and-seek. Just come out, please, Randall," Melonie whimpered, more sacred than she ever had been before. She began to look around swiftly and cautiously. Melonie began to panic and her heart skipped beats every time she turned her head to check the backyard.

"Randall!" Melonie screamed at the top of her lungs. She waited for a reply, twisting her head from left to right to see where the sound was actually coming from. After 10 seconds, the backyard was completely silent. All was heard where the chirps of grasshoppers in the forest and car horns on the distant streets. Melonie once again turned around and saw nothing. 

"Okay, I'm probably just hearing things. No need to panic. Just calm down, Melonie. Just calm down," she muttered, panting as if she just ran a hundred meter dash. 

The darkness began to fall more quickly than the time was passing. Where is Randall, Melonie thought to herself. Without hesitation, Melonie walked up to the telescope in front of her and peered inside. Melonie grunted in amazement. The stars seemed to make a single line stright across the sky. There were a big gap of scattered stars seperating the aligned stars on the left from the right. 

Melonie noticed a dark figure walking up beside her on the corner of her eye. Without looking up, expecting it was Randall, she said," Oh, my! Look at this Randall!" She giggled and moved from the telescope starring at the sky with her naked eye. 

"Randall?" She said and looked over at the dark figured that approached her seconds earlier. Melonie gasped in horror and stared at the tall dark figure. Melonie felt as if her heart has stopped beating. This figure was most definitely not Randall. It was way taller than Randall, more muscular, and the face was hidden by a black ski mask. Melonie, in complete shock, couldn't move away from whatever it was. She continued to stare wide-eyed at the tall figure

"Randall?" she managed to choke out but it was only loud enough for the figure to hear.

The once murky air became more dense and unbearable to breath anymore. The flow of the night was no longer there after the stars began to align.

The End

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