Hello, Can You Hear Me?!

Sixteen year old Melonie was reported as a missing child, but then seventeen year old Randall gets the most unforgettable call from her.

It was a rainy, gloomy day in Philidelphia, Mississippi, three days after Randall's best friend, Melonie went missing. Randall sat on the sofa of his living room hypnotised by the blarring television. The program had no interest of him, so he switched it off. The room fell silent, until the chiming of the phone next to him on the lamp table broke it. Randall answered the phone, not really wanting to be bothered by anyone.

"Hello," he said.

"Randall, help me," a small voice, much like a young childs, came through the reciever. Randall took the reciever from his ear and looked at it for a moment before returning it back. Melonie?, he thought.

"Melonie! Where are you?" Randall yelled, his heart racing.

"Randall, help me please!" the small voice said again, this time more desperate. In the background, Randall heard man voices and an extremely loud thud.

"Melonie! Hello, Can You Hear Me?!" Randall shouted into the reciever. He listened but couldn't hear a thing. He took the reciever from his ear, again, looking at it before returning it back. He heard nothing.

The connection was lost... 



The End

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