New Friends

"What the hell do you want?"


"So why have you been following me for the last half an hour?" Bee tried unsuccessfully to extract any sort of helpful answer from the little weedy man who had been following her like a dog.

"I haven't."

"Yes you have! I even went into a shop to see if you followed me and you did."

"What difference does that make?"

"You joined the queue but didn't have anything to buy."

"And?" Bee sighed as she gave up her futile mission.

"Fine, follow me if you really must, but if you're still behind me when I get home, I will go into the house retrieve a large kitchen knife and perform a small lesson in anatomy." She flounced away from the little man and headed home.

Upon arriving at her door, Bee looked around her and was delighted to discover that the impish man had let her alone. Safe in the knowledge that she could go into the house and mull over Lucifer's proposal without the fear of being mugged by a midget gem sized bloke, she sat down on her bed and sank into the pillows. 

"I told you to go home!" She jumped out of bed and grabbed the little man by his collar so that she could look properly at his face.

"You didn't tell me anything."

"I did when you followed me home!"

"I didn't follow you home."

"You... Yes you did!"

"No, Bob followed you home."

"Who's Bob?"

"I'm Bob." Bee jumped as the little man who had followed her home appeared at her bedroom door.

"What is going on?"

"We've come to get you back."

"I don't know you, I've never met you, how can you get me back?" The two men looked at each other as their eyes widened in shock. "What?"

The End

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