Hell: The adventure begins.Mature


Devil is not at all alike the popular belief, red bodied monster with small horns and a pointed tail, no, not at all.

Try and imagine George Walker Bush in his best black suit, yes , thats more like it.

Everyone who goes to hell has to pass through a blazing furnace so that all the flesh is removed and all that is left is an ever burning skeleton( like Nicholas Cage in that Ghost Rider movie).

Yes, it is true, people in hell roam around as burning skeletons, it is hard to distinguish between men and women but one can, if one pays attention. There is of course the difference in voice, which remains the same and also most of the skele-gals are likely to hang around in places like The Skull care- make your bones glow, Hell pets- the bitches who killed their masters, Sin chocolates( real human fingers draped in finest swiss chocolate) etc etc.

The guys on the other hand are likely to be found at Hell Bikes- The burning Davidsons (It is true that Harley Davidson himself runs the place), The Burning Bar- Cool your flames ( In hell, water was the equivalent of alcohol , the water dimmes the flames in your ribs and gives you a near second death experience( getting high in human terminology) etc.

This story is about Gallapo, a young skele-boy, who died of a road accident as he slammed his Bike into a DHL truck. The guys delivered him to hell in no time.

Well actually, a person's going to hell or heaven thingy, is decided by I Know What you did Last Summer Department, which is the liason office between hell and heaven. 

And after an interview with this department, a person was sent to hell or heaven respectively. The Interview panel had three members, Adolf Hitler, Albus Dumbledore and Jesus Christ.

And they decided the fate of young Gallapo, they sent him to hell. Lets see why. 

The End

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