Hell Sounds

Sophie threw her text book onto the floor, frusterated, followed by her number two pencil and her notebook. They landed noisily on the hard wood floor with a loud thud she was sure her parents would hear. Good, she thought, rolling her eyes. Then I could show them how annoyingly useless homework is.

    She grabbed her headphones, slinging them over her ears and turning her music up as loud as it would go, until the heavy metal distortion grinded her ears, making them ring. She closed her eyes and dropped her head back onto her pillow, letting the music fill her head. She mouthed the lyrics silently as they were sung by her favorite band, pulling her hands up in air-guitar position.

    Before her favorite part of the song arrived, the music suddenly stopped, and a hard bang on her leg made her eyes snap open. Her mother stood at the foot of her bed, with the headphone cord in her fingers, no longer attached to the cd player whic now rested on her leg.  

    "Mom!" Sophie yelled angrily, leaning up and snatching the cord away from her mothers grasp.

    "I've told you before, do not turn that devilish music up so loud. I want to be able to communicate with you, without having to shout." Her mothers voice was stern and demanding, but Sophie tried her best to tune it out.

    "Is there a specific reason why you came in here?" Sophie asked, not caring wether the words scratched away each of her mothers nerves.

    "Actually there is." Her mother said, with a sort of matter-of-fact tone. "A package came in the mail for you today. But, I guess since I disturbed you, you must not really want it."

    Sophie rolled her eyes, grabbing the package quickly. She hated her mothers little mind games.

    She turned the box around, veiwing every angle of it. It was blank, except for a label on the front that had her name and address, and a notification that it was paid for. She shook it. It was light and  felt as though there was nothing inside but packing foam.

    "Who sent it?" Sophie asked, confused.

    Her mother shrugged. "I don't know. It just arrived."

    Sophie sighed. "Ugh." She groaned. "Probably just some empty box. A joke from Spencer." She assumed.

    Spencer was her best friend. They had been friends for a while now, and specifically loved to play jokes on each other. For example, sending each other packages that contained nothing, or that usually had traps set inside, where a bunch of silly string bursted out of nowhere.

    Sophie's mother shook her head. "Your friends, I swear. You need to find a better crowd, Soph."

    "Mom, please." Sophie protested.

    "What ever you say." Her mother sighed. She turned around and walked out the door.

    When the door was garuanteed closed, and she was alone, she started ripping open the package, bracing herself for whatever might come out.

    It was poorly taped, and easy to open. There were a few scuff marks on the box, like it was previously used. When she got most of the tape off, she lifted the flaps. Inside was a bunch of foam popcorn, and a small, thin, square case. Curiously, she reached out for the case, picking it up and examining it from back to front. It didn't look like anything. It was clumsily wrapped in electrical tape, with nothing but itself. No notes or silly string.

    She fumbled her fingers around the case, finding a crack down the spine. She pushed her fingers into it, opening it slowly. It was a cd case, she realized. Inside, was a blank cd, with no name or label. she grabbed the cd, pushing the eject button on her cd player and replacing cd's. She stuck her headphones over her ears eagerly and waited. Spencer had never sent her a cd before.

    As she waited for the music to begin, she laid back onto her pillow, relaxing. But no music filled her ears. Only the ringing of feedback, like from a microphone too close to the amplifier. It rang in her ears, buzzing loudly, until her ears began to ache. She waited for the music to begin, for the acid of the guitars, or the banging of the drums, but nothing came. Nothing but the ringing.

    Then suddenly, the ringing stopped.  A bunch of crackling started, like from an old record player. Then a small tune began to play. It sounded like a nursery lullaby, that you would usually hear in those jack-in-the-box toys. It played softly. Just a high, peaceful tune. it was almost soothing to Sophie. She enjoyed some of it. 

    The tune started to go off key a little, sounded like the toy was out of batteries. It got slower and slower, unti it stopped. Then some more noises started. Some sounding like small peices of glass falling onto more glass. Then the sound grew louder, until it was no longer a sound, but a voice. The voice sounded like it was moaning. And endless moan that was humming the same tune, like it was in a gothic opera. A few more voices started in, and then everything stopped. It was dead silent for about three seconds, until a shrill scream began to peirce Sophies ears like needles. It sounded like a pained scream. A scream only someone in the most terribly horrfiying pain would scream.

    The screaming was followed by other screams. More in pain. Some were unnaturally deep, and then some unnormally high. But they all just didn't seem to ring with each other. Sophie's heart began to race. This was no music cd, she realized.

    She was in the midst of taking the head phones off, when she froze. There was a new noise now. It sounded more like a growl than a scream. Like a freakish growl from a human that was posessed. Then every shrill scream turned into the growling. Fear began to pulse at Sophie's temples. She didn't like this cd at all. It sounded like a terrible horror movie to her now.

    Amongst the growls, the lullaby had started again, along with the screams, and every other noise she had heard before. All meshed together it sounded incredibly psychotic to her. A loud banging noise began, like someone was throwing furniture around a room. It was so loud, that she could barely hear anything else. She reached her hands up to the headphones, but it was like her hands were limp. She couldn't get them off.

    Desperately, she scratched at the headphones with her fingers, but they didn't budge. They were glued to her. All the noises were getting faster. Psychotically faster. Unnormal. The banging was louder now, and seemed like it was coming from her room. Like fists were pounding at her walls. The screaming was getting louder. Every noise felt real now.

    Suddenly, a sharp pain began erupted in her chest. The sound of bones snapping inside of her filled her ears, and pain began flooding every other emotion in her body. More bones started to snap, and more intense pain followed. She looked down at her rib cage, sure she was now screaming in pain, and began screaming in horror. Every one of her rib bones were not twisted outward, sticking out at her skin.

    Tears filled her eyes, and the color red seemed to flashed around the room. Her eyes burned now, and she couldn't keep them open. She rubbed at them with her hands, and when she brought her hands down to her eye level, she screamed in terror. Red liquid covered her hands and arms. Her eyes were bleeding.

    She stood up, the cd and the terrible sounds still playing in her ears, and tried to make her way to the door, but lost her balance and fell to the floor. Every bone in her body began to burn, and she felt her arms twist in an unnatural way. Her legs began contorting themselves, her knees buckling backwards and her back bending forward, until she was leaning  unnaturally over her stomach. Her entire body was burning with excruciating pain. She shrieked as the pain was overwhelming.

    Then, her body felt as if it were lit on fire. Every inch of skin began to sting with the sensation of burning yourself on a hot stove. Every part of her body was in pain, and her lungs even started to burn from her aching scream.  She felt more blood gush from her eyes, until she suddenly went numb. Her entire body had become painless, like someone had pressed pause on everything. She couldn't move, speak, hear, or even see. Darkness began to surround her, and the sounds from the cd in her ears was now a faint whisper of voices. She felt weightless, like she was suddenly being lifted. By now, she was sure, without a shadow of a doubt that she was dead...

    Regina's hand flew up, onto her husbands arm. He lowered his newspaper to glare at her, but she paid him no attention. She was listening closely to a noise she had begun to hear. It sounded like a scream.

    "Paul. Paul, did you hear that?" She asked, alert. She had heard it a few times before, but she wasn't sure if it was just her imagination.

    "Hear what?" He asked.

    "That noise. It sounded like a scream." Her own words began to scare her as she pictured Sophie upstairs.

    "No, sorry I didn't." He said.

    a faint shriek from upstairs suddenly started again, and before it ended, Paul and Regina were both on their feet.

    "Sophie?" Paul yelled up the stairs. No reply.

    Suddenly, the scream started again, and by this time, Regina knew it was Sophie. It sounded like she was in pain. Or being tortured. A few other noises started. A loud clump, like something had fallen, and some banging noises.

    Paul and Regina started running up the stairs quickly, alarmed. They got to the end of the hall, and approached Sophies room. Dead silence now filled the house. Not even the breathing of Paul or Regina inturrupted its eeriness.

    "Sophie? Honey?" Regina yelled out, now beginning to sob scaredly. She walked slowly towards the door, her hand outstretched towards the doorknob, when her feet began to feel wet.

    Regina looked down at her feet. A thick pool of red liquid began to soak the souls of her sandals. Regina stared in horror. She began to scream.

    "SOPHIE!" She screamed, desperately trying to get the door open, but it was locked.

    "Sophie!" Paul yelled, attempting to open the door, without luck.

    "Sophie! Open the door!" Regina yelled.

    "Move Regina!: Paul exclaimed, as he heaved at the door. After a few attempts, the door flew open.

    Paul and Regina gasped in terror, as red liquid covered the entire room, like it had been splattered on my a giant paintbrush. They followed a trail that led from the bed, to a giant puddle in the middle of the room, where a large figure laid in the floor, limp and lifeless.

    "SOPHIE!" Regina shrieked, running up to the figure, covering her face in horror.  "SOPHIE!" She continued to cry, wrapping her hands around the distorted body of her daughter. She began sobbing, rubbing her hands up and down the figure in terror.

    Paul leaned against the wall, shock and horror causing his body and mind to sway. He slid down, until he was sitting, and wrapped his arms around his head, covering his eyes from the contorted form that was his daughter. He began sobbing with his wife.

    "NOO!" Paul screamed, banging his fists on the floor and collapsing.

The End

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