Levon pushed open the door and I heard the techno playing in their living room.
    “Welcome home.” Levon whispered. I walked in. Levon closed the door behind me, and then bounded up stairs and into the living room where the music was. I slowly started walking up the stairs. Levon popped his head around the door frame. “C’mon, man!” I grinned and skipped up the stairs.
    I stood in the door way leading into the living room, and saw a group of people sitting on the couches drinking and smoking.
    “Oi, don’t smoke in the house!” I heard Gareth say. Gareth walked into the room and saw me. “Frankie!” He wrapped his arms around me. “How’re you?”
    “Ah, well I’m not all that great, but thanks for letting me stay here tonight.” I replied. I noticed Levon walk outside and sit with a circle of males that were cutting up some cacti.
    “What, aren’t you moving in?” Gareth laughed.
    “No, not quite, I’m sorry.” I grinned.
    “Oh and the other flat mates got all excited to have a new bro, or in your case, sis.”
    “Oh, well I’ll be the cheapo flat mate that isn’t in the flat much, and doesn’t actually pay any rent.”
    “You suck at being a flat mate! Oh well I’ll introduce you to the flat mates, and the randoms that are like you and just turn up for a party.” Gareth said. “Now you have actually interrupted our craft time, but I’ll introduce you to those guys first.” He led me to where Levon was sitting. “You know Levon; the guy next to him on his right is Chris, then Matt, Hamish, Kayl, Karina and Clyde. They are addicts but they are nice guys, except Levon. Keep away from him. He’s pretty dodgy.” Levon looked at Gareth and shook his head.
    Gareth led me back into the house and pointed to a girl that was sharing a joint with a guy.
    “That’s Mauro and Juliana. They are from an odd country, that’s why their names are strange. The other ones, you don’t need to know because they don’t live here and they don’t really visit often.” Gareth laughed. He bought me into the kitchen and I saw a big pot with some water in it. “Look, when we get the cactus juice, you aren’t gonna wanna be around us. It makes you crazy. And also, some of the guys have acid. I suggest you go down stairs into one of the bedrooms and lock yourself in there for the night. I know that sounds pretty gay, but I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”
    “Thanks, Gareth. I know you’re only looking out for me.” I smiled.
    “Come here.” Gareth said and pulled me close. He held me tightly. “You’ll be all safe as long as you stay here, with Levon, Chris, Mauro, Juliana and me.”
    “I know I will be, and I fully trust… Well I fully trust you and Levon. I’m not sure about Mauro, Juliana and Chris, but they seem like nice druggies.” I mumbled. My voice hushed as I spoke into Gareth’s chest. I heard someone clear their throat. Gareth let go of me.
    “Oh, Frankie this is my girlfriend, Stephie. Frankie is staying with us tonight.” Gareth introduced.
    “Oh yay. Another one of Levons chew toys.” Stephie said. “C’mon, Gareth, I wanna show you something.” Stephie pushed Gareth. Gareth smiled apologetically at me and put his arm around Stephie. I walked back into the living room, and noticed less people were in the room.
    “Matt, Kali, Ray, Hamish, Kayl and Quita have gone home.” Levon said. I jumped. He’d given me a fright. I didn’t even know he was there. “That’s why theres less people here.” Intelligent, Levon. Was the only thing my mind could come up with after that comment. “Gareth told you about the crazy cacti, right?”
    “Yeah, yeah. He did. Told me to lock myself in a room downstairs and not to come out until morning.” I replied, and couldn’t help but laugh.
    “That is actually good advice. Look, I’ve got work tomorrow so if you want I could hang out with you downstairs while everyone is stoned on the cacti up here.”
    “Nah, don’t ruin your party life to baby sit me.”
    “I seriously don’t mind. I mean, I turn up to work hung over often enough already I suppose.”
    “Well you can do that again. You don’t need to stop ‘cause of me. Gareth isn’t.”
    “Yeah, but Stephie is here, so of course Gareth isn’t going to stop. But the girl that is basically obsessed with me is here, Karina. Fuck she’s a scary cunt. That’s it man, I’m so staying sober with you downstairs tonight.”
    “This is going to be interesting.”
    “This is going to be so fucking awesome! Well it’s going to be different at least.”
    “You going sober for the night… I’m basically going to be going through your withdrawals with you… Fuck that’s a scary thought!”
    “Hahah it’s actually kinda, uhm, like you know, intimidating.” Levon laughed. “I haven’t been sober for a night since… Well for a couple months.”
    “Ah hell! Why do you do this to me?!”
    “Haha, it’s not too bad kid. If you want, I’ll hot box the room, so then you’re stoned, and I am too! Fixing the whole withdrawals thing. And you won’t be surrounded by a whole bunch of people tripping on cacti because you’ll be safe and locked in a room down stairs with me.”
    “That sounds scary. Not the weed bit, that’s all good, but being locked in a room with a stoned you and theres people tripping on the other side of the door. What part of that isn’t intimidating?!” I freaked, and then laughed at the look on Levons face.
    “Don’t you trust me, Frankie?! Don’t you trust me to take care of a stoned you?!”
    “You’ll probably get the munchies and go up stairs. You’ll leave the door wide open and all the people that are tripping will be like running around freaking out and they’ll run into the room and think I’m another monster and try to kill me. I’m sorry if that doesn’t sound like faith in you.”
    “Okay then… I’ll bring a couple bags of chips downstairs then! I promise, I won’t leave the room. Now you have been stoned before, right?”
    “You were just asking me if I was doing hard drugs. I don’t. I smoke weed. I have been stoned plenty of times before.”
    “Okay good!” Levon turned around and opened up the cupboard that was next to him. He pulled out a chopping block with a gas stove, two knives, and a spottle sitting on it. “You know what this is for?”
    “Exactly. Can you hold this? I’m going to go get all the munchies!” Levon did a funny face. “Unless you want to carry the munchies?”
    “It really doesn’t bother me aye.”
    “Okay good, now hold this. I’ll go get the munchies.”

The End

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