Outta home, with no where to go.Mature

    "Frances, are you there?" My eyes slowly fluttered open. I saw my mother staring straight at me, still with disapproving eyes.
    "Don't look at me like that, woman. I'm not the one that landed in hospital, again." I hissed. She sat up right with a solemn look on her face.
    "Don't use that tone with me! I am allowed to give you a stink look! You got suspended from school, I didn't."
    "You broke your alcohol-free rule, I didn't. You landed yourself in hospital, I didn't. You skulled half my bottle of Jack Daniels, I DIDN'T!" I screamed.
    "FUCK! YOU BETTER BE PLANNING ON MOVING OUT OF THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW MISSY BECAUSE I AM DONE WITH YOUR FUCKING ATTITUDE!!!" Mother yelled at me and pointed at the door. I screamed at her and stormed out of the room. I should have just let her rot on the floor, like she deserved.
    One of the nurses tried to talk to me.
    "I'm just leaving! Don't fucking bother!!!" I growled and kept walking outside; out to the public bus so I could catch a bus to the place that's no longer my home because my mother decided it's time to kick me out of home. It's not like I'm only 16 or anything. It's not like I'm too young to really move out.
    So, whose house can I go to? Can’t go to Nikkita or Rosaline’s. Maybe I could go to June’s house? Or maybe even Matt’s? Okay, so I could just couch surf for a little while. Maybe I’d even be able to go and hang in Otamatea with Thomas and Kristian and some of their mates and couch surf there…
    I stood at the bus stop for about 20 minutes until I realized that the buses had probably stopped running. I looked at the time on my phone. The time was 11:56pm.
    “Fuck!” I swore. “The buses stopped running almost 4 hours ago.” I sat down in the bus shelter. Where would I stay tonight? Where could I stay? “Gareth’s!” I concluded. His house was the closest of all my mates’ houses to the hospital, and it was still in a totally different suburb.
    I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and scrolled through my contacts list until I found Gareth’s name. I pressed the talk button. After three rings, he picked up.
    “Hello, Chinese Laundromat. How may I help you?”
    “Hello Gareth. Yeah… I was wondering if this specific Laundromat had any room for one to stay the night?”
    “This is a Laundromat, not a hotel. You must have a wrong number.”
    “This isn’t a good time, Gareth.”
    “Well then, I think we can make some room. Why? Who is planning on coming?”
    “Me! Remember me? I’m Frankie!”
    “Frankie… Hmmm… I’m not sure… Just kidding! Of course we have room, kid. What’s happened? Don’t you have school tomorrow?”
    “I have been suspended from school and my mother has kicked me out of home.”
    “What? You’re kidding, right?”
    “Do you need Levon to go and pick you up?”
    “I’m actually at the bus stop outside the hospital.”
    “How’d you get there?”
    “Mother is actually in hospital. She drank half my bottle of Jack Daniels.”
    “Oh, fuck. Well do you still want Levon to go and pick you up?”
    “Nah. I’ll walk. It’s not actually all that far away.”
    “It takes an hour to walk it. I’m going to send Levon to go and get you.” Gareth warned. “LEVON! OY, YOU FAGGOT! LEVON!”
    “I'm busy!” I heard Levon yell.
    "Franks needs your help cunt!" Gareth swore.
    "What? Why? Whats wrong?" Levon asked, his tone completely different. He actually sounded reasonably worried.
    “Go pick Franks up from the hospital bus stop.” Gareth demanded.
    “Fucking aye. What’s she doing there?” Levon asked.
    “Tell you later… Just go pick her up.” Gareth reasoned.
    “Can you give my car a jump start then?” Levon questioned.
    “Yeah… Sure. Just go get the leads and shit.” Gareth answered.
    “Okay, fine.” Levon mumbled. I was amazed I could hear his answer
    “GOOD! Okay, Frankie, he’s coming to get you soon. Just let him do his make up like Jeffree Star.” Gareth laughed.
    “HEY! I HEARD THAT!!!!” Levon yelled. I couldn’t help but let out a laugh.
    “GOOD! Fucking cunt. Do you know who Jeffree Star is?” Gareth asked me.
    “Yeah, he’s only the most famous transvestite at there ever was! I didn’t realize that you did.” I replied, thinking of the pink haired Jeffree Star that used to be in Hollywood Undead.
    “Please, man. Levon aspires to be like him!” Gareth joked.
    “Okay, Gareth I’m leaving. Just stop with the gay Jeffree Star jokes.” Levon sighed. “Now come and help me jump start this stupid mother fucking car.”
    “Okay, I better go help Jeffree Star, I mean Levon. See you soon, kid.” Gareth said.
    “Yup okay, thanks Gareth.” I thanked.
    “No worries kid. Mates help mates out.” Gareth said.
    “Yeah, thankies. See you.” I said.
    “Yup, see ya.” Gareth said and then hung up. I sat down on the curb. Levon will probably be about 15-20 minutes… Unless he speeds, which he did do quite often.
    BEEP! BEEP! A car bleeped its horn about 10 minutes later and then did a U-turn in the middle of the road. It stopped on the closer side of the road. I slowly stood up, unsure of whom it was. Someone half climbed out of the driver’s side, and sat on the window sill of the door.
    “Hey Franks. Jump in!” He smiled.
    “Levon! Hey! Didn’t think you’d be so fast. Thought you would have had to go and look for a smoke before you left.” I greeted with a smile and opened the passenger side. Levon slid back into the driver’s seat and grabbed all the shit off the passengers side and chucked it in the back. I sat down and we awkwardly greeted each other with a hug.
    “I did look for a smoke.” Levon smiled and held up the half-smoked cigarette. “It’s just a miracle I managed to get one! Found it in a condom box.”
    “Yeah, that’s disgusting. Why is Gareth giving you shit about Jeffree Star?” I asked him. Levon let out a bit of a laugh and started to drive.
    “Because I joked about Jeffree Star being hot once… Gareth hasn’t let me live it down...” Levon replied. I rolled my eyes. Gareth never let anyone live anything down, well not when it’s that massive or embarrassing... Or makes a good joke. “So why are you no longer living with your mother?”
    “The bitch kicked me out.” I growled and glared out the window.
    “Why…?” Levon asked with a slightly worried look on his face. “You aren’t into drugs are you? If you are I don’t think you’ll be able to stay with us… I mean none of us are.”
    “No not because of drugs. And don’t try to feed me any of that “none-of-us-are-on-drugs” crap. I know damn well that you all smoke weed, and deal it too!” I reminded him. “And I know about the mushies and the cactus…”
    “Okay, okay. You got me! But, seriously, you aren’t addicted to heroin or acid, are you? Show me your arms!!!” Levon demanded and took his hands off the wheel to try to grab my arms.
    “LEVON! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE FUCKING ROAD!” I screamed and pushed him towards the wheel.
    “Okay fine,” Levon put his hands back on the wheel. “But you aren’t addicted to heroin are you?”
    “Fuck off! I’m not that dumb, despite what you may think.”
    “No I don’t. I just don’t know why you were kicked out of home… Are you a prostitute?”
    “If I was, you would know, because you would have hired me before… And you would be my main customer.” I smiled.
    “True, true. So, why were you kicked out of home?”
    “Because I got suspended from school and I pushed my mother back into being an alcoholic.”
    “Oh, shit. And how did you get suspended?”
    “Whoa, France, you are a very interesting girl. I can tell that life won’t be dull while you are living with us!” Levon said with a sort of admirable smile. I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m so excited that you’re moving in with us! Less rent to pay! Yay!”
    “You are so gay, Levon! But uhm I’m sorry to break this to you, but I’m not moving in with you, I’m just saying for a night, or two.”
    “Oh, stay as long as you want. There’s no rush to leave us, aye. Even though you might be a little scared of us. We aren’t all that scary, but we do bite.”
    “Yeah I know you do, from experience! None of you are scary, but I don’t really wanna stay at one place for too long.”
    “Why is that?” Levon asked and drove up their driveway.
    “I don’t actually know, but I just don’t.” I replied. I went to open the door.
    “Wait, Franks, before we go in…”
    “Just promise that while you aren’t living anywhere, you’ll take good care of yourself. I don’t want you to get hurt, okay?”
    “Yeah, I promise.”
    “But if you do get in strife, do exactly what you did tonight and call or text me or Gareth. We’ll come and save you, just like we did tonight.”
    “Okay, cool. I will, I promise. You guys are my hero’s.”
    “Yeah, I know we are!” Levon laughed and opened his door.
    “I really appreciate you and Gareth letting me stay tonight.”
    “No worries. Just as long as you’re safe.” Levon said and smiled his smile that always seemed to make me feel so safe.

The End

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