Hell Of A TimeMature

the life of a teenage girl, with a drunken mother, friends that can't stick by her, and a licence that only lasts from 5am-10pm.

    Those moments were a blur in my mind. Everything had happened so fast. Did I actually do anything, or did I just stand still like a dork while everything had happened.
    "Frances, would you please answer me!? Tell me, what happened in your own words please?" The year11 dean asked me. I stared blankly at him.
    "No, I can't." I replied. I still wasn't fully there.
    "Why? Who are you protecting?" The dean, Mr. Matthews, questioned and slammed his pudgy hands down on the desk. I jumped, yanked fully out of my mind.
    "No one. I just... It happened so fast... I don't really know..." I mumbled.
    "Well just tell me in your own words then, Miss Frances Poppy Matheson." Mr. Matthews demanded and sat down in his seat behind the desk.
    "Okay... Well... Nikkita and Rosaline started saying all this really suckful things..."
    I started to think back to the beginning of the fight...
    "You fell for Thomas?!" Nikkita screamed at me when I told her I had grown a little crush for my Rockquest mosh pit buddy, Thomas.
    "Well, yeah. I mean he's grown... He's taller than me now. And he's also lost all his baby fat. He's not bad looking, is all I said." I explained. Thomas was my friend. Nikkita only met him this year. I met him two years back at Rockquest and from then we've been mosh pit buddies. We meet up every year at Rockquest so we can mosh once more. We text each other every now and then too but it's more like a once a year thing. A very casual, easy friendship. A friendship that is very low maintenance and you never grow sick of them.
    "What ever happened to the black haired Bogans you usually go for? Why have you changed your mind about boys now and just decide to like Tom?" Rosaline met Thomas last year, so she's known him for longer than Nikkita, but how they are reacting is so unreasonable. He's more decent than any of the guys she's ever dated.
    "I didn't change my mind, Rosaline. If it was my choice, I wouldn't like Thomas. You guys are over reacting. It's nothing. Thomas is Thomas. He's always only ever going to be that to me. Nothing is going to change. You girls just need to calm down a little bit." I told them.
    "Do you think we aren't calm?! We are looking out for you, girl! No good will come of you liking Thomas!!! He's a platinum blond year 12 from Otamatea High! You never see him." Nikkita freaked.
    "Well no good will come of it if you keep telling me off. I can't help who I fall for!!! He's out of the ordinary and he's just like us! He would perfectly fit into the group if he wore a little more black and listened to a little more metal." I said. I was so over them going off their nut at me. It was always about boys or music.
    "He's not just like us. He's got a lot of growing before he's just like us-" Rosaline said, trying to put me off Thomas. Not working. They were just making me feel worse, and they just made me want him more, but I considered him off limits. He was my mosh pit buddy.
    "-He's taller than me though." I butted in.
    "Oh, I wasn't meaning physically, dickhead. I meant with his music tastes-" Rosaline tried to carry on her rant.
    "-Here we go again-" I muttered.
    "His clothing tastes and how he plays the drums." Rosaline finished, ignoring my comment.
    "He play the drums fine!" I defended. It was offending saying that he couldn't play the drums. He'd been playing the drums since primary; he knew what he was doing. I, meanwhile only started learning bass a few years ago, so I'm pretty useless. They should be mocking my bass playing not Thomas' drum playing. It's just not right.
    "Yeah, but he doesn't use double kicks..." Nikkita explained.
    "So he sucks at playing drums just because he doesn't use double kicks? You really suck when it comes to music if you think that’s all that matters when it comes to playing drums. There is a lot more to drums then double kicks!" I yelled. I felt like shaking her, just grabbing her throat and shaking her as fast and as hard as I could.
    "Calm down Frankie." Rosaline said in a calm voice. "But, seriously, if you did manage to get together, what do you think you could accomplish?"
    "What did you accomplish going out with Greg? With Fraear? What about Yoki?" I snapped. Rosaline’s lips tightened with the mention of just a few of her exs. "Oh and what did you accomplish with that nerd, Duncan? You only corrupted the once innocent kid!" And at that point, Rosaline snapped. I saw the change in her eyes. I saw her suddenly loose her cool.
    Mentioning Duncan made her snap. It was a low hit, especially since she still feels it was her fault that he got killed. Yeah he died, on her watch. She dragged the kid to a raging party with alcohol, sex and drugs. Rosaline was dancing with Duncan and he took a step away from her and knocked into a massive guy. The guy thought Duncan was trying to threaten him. Duncan didn't stand a chance...
    Rosaline pounced onto me. I've seen her do this move plenty of times before. She'd never actually tried it on me before, but I dropped to the floor, like the rest of her enemies. Her fist came slamming down into my cheek. I threw my fist up and it hit her in her nose, she was flung backwards. The rest of it was a blur of various body parts being flung in random directions. Some where in this blur, Nikkita joined in. She held me back and Rosaline punched my stomach. That’s when I realized how many people started gathering around us. A teacher appeared, and the year11 dean. I wrapped my legs around Rosaline and hit Nikkita in the face with my head. Nikkita immediately let go of me, and dropped, and so did I, dragging Rosaline down with me. 
    The teachers and year 11 dean tore us apart and took us into different offices to discuss what happened. That’s how I ended up here, talking to Mr. Matthews. I didn't provoke them to start picking at me about Thomas, but I guess I provoked the actual fighting bit. It’s their fault it all happened.
    "Well, Frances?" Mr. Matthews said.
    "They were teasing me about the guy I like who’s been my friend for a few years. And I brought up Rosaline’s past relationships that all ended badly, and Rosaline just went straight off her nut at me..."
    "So, why did Nikkita start fighting you?"
    "Because Nikkita agreed with Rosaline."
    "Man, girls work in strange ways..." Mr. Matthews muttered to himself. "So what do you want to do about this?"
    "Well... I'll talk to my mum about it tonight... and we'll sort something out."
    "No, that won't do. Since you got in a fight at school, you are suspended for two weeks."
    "You're suspended. The other two girls will be too. The council will discuss what to do about it, and you will be told what’s happening. You are dismissed." Mr. Matthews said and waved me out of his office. I walked slowly outside like a stoned fish. I didn't know what I was going to do for two weeks, but I guess I could still work the afternoons I usually do, and I could go to better parties too, because I wouldn't have to worry about going to school the next day totally hung over.
    I was walking to my car just thinking about how my mother would react. It freaked me out a bit, but I knew we'd be able to come up with something to not get me kicked out of school, and if I do, I guess I could just try another school. Start off fresh at a new school.
    I drove home fast, speeding. I loved to speed, but I kept my eyes scanning for police cars.
    I arrived home reasonably quickly, and mum was home today because she chose today for a day off. The one day I get suspended.
    "Hey Mum!" I yelled when I got in the door. No reply. Was she that mad at me? "Mum?" I walked up stairs and saw her sitting at the table with her shot glass and her bottle of Jack Daniels. She looked up at me and had a very sad look on her face. She had caved in on herself, because of me. I made my mother drink alcohol again, and she was a recovering alcoholic.
    I took the bottle away from mum. She was shaking her head the whole time.
    "I can't believe you failed me, Frances. You have made me so sad; I actually got the Jack Daniels from your locked cupboard." Mum moaned.
    "That was my Jack Daniels?!" I screamed. My mother just drank half my bottle of Jack Daniels.
    "Yes, that was. You're my daughter and you got suspended from school! Suspended! How could you?!!" Mum cried and collapsed. I looked at the shot glass. It hadn't touched the alcohol. No wonder so much had gone in such a short amount of time. She'd skulled it.
    "You motherfucker." I hissed and picked up the phone. There was no way I'd be able to pick her up and move her to my car. "Hello? Yeah can I get an ambulance...?"

The End

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