Bob, Job, Clue, Blue

The knife slit straight through the sellotape, one ripping sound struck the box open. James pulled open the box, it shocked him so much that James stepped back. He wandered back towards the box and tried looking in again. It was a gun, the side inscripted with "Hell". This was the only clue James had to lead him to the killer. Under neath was some see-through paper with a dot on. James stuffed the paper in his pocket and walked back to his kitchen. As he walked past the answering machine he checked his message. "So, now your free, but how are you with rhymes," James opened a draw and got out an ammo pack. He reloaded the gun whilst listening. "There was a young man called Bob, he didn't have a well paid job, he lost his girlfriend and lived all alone, he's now listening to a message on his phone," James stood still for ages, he thought, and then walked towards his front door. James stepped outside and left onto his drive.

He got on his bike, put the gun in a holder on the side, and drove onto the streets. James drove towards the town centre,where the old cinema car park was. No one ever parked in there, they thought there was no point. James pulled into the car park and drove to the third floor, before parking. He pulled the paper out his pocket, and just looked at. Minutes must have passed before James looked up, but he saw someone walking away from their bike. The mysterious man was wering a black hoodie with dark blue jeans. James called from behind him. "Hey man, this is my floor, get your fukcing bike off it within one minute or I will shoot the fuel tank,"

"Go on then," The mans voice was recognisible, but from where?

The End

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