Hell is Nigh

James Mason is on the hunt to kill the murderer of his father. But how far will he take it when he has also got cops after him

James Mason took his final breath within the station. He walked through the rotating door. He looked back, and smiled as he looked up at the sign. "Police," He said quietly under his breath, "what a sht hole. I spent five years there and now i'm fukcing free," He turned away and wandered back towards home. The streets were filled with litter and cars. James reached his home and saw his ferrari sitting on the path. He had left it there when he ran to the petrol station and shot the owner in the head then chest. The cops had come to arrest him and James didn't go against any of the charges. He didn't even make a defense in court. Now James was free, and he could start over. James went into his home, the many packed boxes that scattered the floor. This just reminded him of his girlfriend that he was going to live with until he was put in jail. She had said James was mentally ill and had never spoke to him again. He walked up his winding stairs and wandered through his bedroom. The balcony door was open and he stepped out onto it. "How I loved this view," He looked down upon the stretch of water that was in between two seperate islands. James looked up as the doorbell went.

"I'm here to deliver you a package,"

"Uh thanks, what is it,"

"I don't know, just sign the paper so I can go,"

"Yeah fine, sure, whatever," James signed the paper then walked back into his house. He put the package on the coffee table and walked to his right into his kitchen. James opened a draw and got out a knife to cut open the package. He walked back towards the living room and saw the light to his answering machine flashing. James didn't bother checking it and walked back in his living room.

The End

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