In On The Gig

A light in the kitchen flickered on, and Jaedon and Brett stepped back towards the trees. Conor closed his eyes.

"Ka, you out here?" said the familar voice of my mum. She stepped outside pulling her dressing gown around her tighter. "Jaedon  Aurora Delton? My goodness,  what are you doing here girl?"

"She's here because Conor tried to break the rules. Again." Snarled Brett.

I stepped towards him and slapped him across his face. "Nobody speaks to my mum like that!"

Jaedon and Brett's jaws dropped. "Mother...." they whispered in unison.

"Conor, Ka - go to the living room. And Conor, start explaining. From the beginning if you please." My mum started, beconing us inside. "Jaedon and Brett... to what do I owe the pleasure of having three werewolves in my backgarden?"

The End

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