Window Watchers

She stepped into the light, and I stepped back. She looked so familiar, yet so unique - like some foreign princess. She had curly blonde hair down to her waist, and even then she had it tied up in a high ponytail. Her big, rabbit like eyes were a sinister shade of emerald green that I had only ever seen on one other person.

"Jaedon? Why have you come back?" Brett asked her. surprised to see her. "Couldn't get enough of your brother?" he added darkly.

"I'm not back for you, Brittney." she sneered at him. I snorted a giggle, and before I could stop myself I was laughing too loudly for the hour that it was. "Shut up human!"

"Aurora..." Brett warned through his teeth, giving her daggers, which she missed.

"Ugh! I want nothing to do with Aurora! And it's about time she showed her worthless face! I'm starving..." she dragged out the last word, not like she needed to - her heavy accent drawled out the last word. Brett wasn't from Texas... was he?

Jaedon glanced back at me, before looking at Conor.

"You brought the boy Brett..." she sounded mildly suprised. Snapping her head around so fast in a movement that didn't exist, Jaedon glared at me. "Don't try and escape. That boy over there is mine now."

Silent tears sarted pouring when I looked over at Conor - what could he possibly be hiding? It was easy to tell when he had something important to him that couldnt be said out loud - he bit his lip and scratched the back of his neck, like he was doing now.

"Karla..." he started. Then he looked up and I could see the tears starting to form in his eyes. He took a deep breath before starting up again. "Karla, it's not safe here now for you. Go back inside and go back to sleep," He looked at Jaedon, before jumbling the words into one long mess. "We do want a repeat of last time."  He dropped his head just as the sun started to peek over the trees.

He wanted me to do what I did to Sophie, a girl who last year attempted to steal my Conor from me? Sophie was a firey redhead with the personality to match - well, up until she kissed my boyfriend and I punched her square in the face, breaking her nose in the process.

The End

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