Merlin had decided to sleep in my doorway, after walking up and down the stairs for the past 3 hours. And I still wasn't asleep. My pillow was too wet from my tears – my boyfriend, the one person who knew me almost as well as my mum, had disappeared whilst saving me. He could be dead. I rolled over from looking at the dog, to look out my window. The sky was peaceful and a perfect shade of blue to show that morning was close.

Mine and Connor's tree-house, and the little swing bench that my dad had put on it, stood out against the early morning sky. I saw in my mind the two of us sat on the swing, our legs swinging in a gentle synchronisation as we listened to the birds calling in the trees, and the little creatures scurrying around on the ground.The dream stopped as Merlin jumped onto my feet. I sat bolt upright as he started a low stream of growling. I grabbed Connors necklace from around my headboard, and followed my dogs gaze out of my window. He was looking at the tree-house like I had been.

"Hush boy. There's no one there." I whispered putting my head close to his ear. I turned to look again. Nobody was sat on the swing, but somebody was stood at the base of the tree. I knew better than to scream, but when the figure clearly put a hand up and motioned for me to go out to it, Merlin started growling again, louder than before. I hopped out of bed before thinking - Merlin jumped to my doorway refusing to let me leave my room.

"He knows about Conor, Merlin. That guy knows." I whispered. Merlin walked down the stairs in front of me, wanting to protect me  from the unknown person in the garden.

We walked out towards the tree and Merlin dived forewards. To shocked to say or do anything, I watched as the figures hood fell back as Merlin jumped on his chest.

"Conor?" I choked out, my eyes bugging with shock.

"Not exactly babe..." a familiar voice croaked back, but not from where I expected. I looked behind me to see Conor half way over the fence. "Merlin get off Brett's chest"

"Brett?" I turned around to see the most non-nerdest nerd in the school. He was constant trouble - either with the police or the school. He always missed at least 3 days of school each week yet had the best grades in the school, aceing every test, to the annoyance to all the people that spent all their free time studying. "What are you doing in MY back garden, with MY boyfriend?"

"Brett had just arrived a few minutes before you showed up, human." A sugar sweet voice that I instantly didnt trust trilled.

The End

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