Time Ticks By

I ran along the path, making to much noise than was sensible. When my back gate was in sight, i started yelling.

"Mum! Quick, come out!" I yelled before I was close to the gate.  

Mum was in the back garden with Merlin, our Rottweiler - he was a softy, and blind in one eye but was growling quietly.

"What's wrong hun? Where's..." she looked at me straight in the face - my face showed it was pretty obvious that something was wrong. She turned on spot and marched inside. She re-appeared less than a minute later holding Merlin's lead. "Walkies." she declared.

I explained what had happened to mum as we ran along the path, back to the lake. Merlin froze just before we could see the lake. An endless seam of growls came from deep within him - the first time we had ever heard him growl like that.

Scared of what i would see, I took a deep breath in and took the final few steps towards the lake. And I almost fainted.

The wooden surfers necklace he always wore, lay the light of the full moon. He never took it off - not for anything. I stepped towards it, so take it home when mum and Merlin must have come around the corner. Merlin started an endless stream of snarls. On the other side of the lake I saw a figure about to walk around the corner.

"Stop!" I wanted to yell, "Wait!" But the words couldn't form in my mouth. I choked on the air and the figure stopped - he couldn't have heard me. Then I noticed what he was wearing - he was only wearing a pair of shorts.

 I could tell it wasn't Connor, but the boy we had seen earlier. His face was visible now the light was shinning the opposite way. His wet hair was flattened down below his chin, and his eyesbrows arched up, as if he was suprised.

The End

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