Cave Canem? Too Late!

Standing across the water, on a fishing platform, stood a boy. He can't have been much older than us, even though his face wasn't visible in the darkness. His hair was stood on end, was clearly silhouetted against the light of the moon.

With out even a moments notice he jumped forwards into the lake - fully clothed.

I screamed and stepped backwards, pressing myself against Conor. He put his hand over my mouth - and put his lips to my ear.

"Karla! We need to leave. Now!" he whispered urgently. I nodded my eyes fixed on the surface. He should have appeared by now. Conor gently pushed me towards the path we took to get to the lake. I took one last look at the water and nearly fainted. The boys shredded clothes floated on the water - but no body. I looked back to the path. Conor had his head facing backwards, a puzzled look on his face. His face was growing paler in the light of the full moon, I couldn't resist the masochist temptation to look back at the water. I wish I hadn't.

A huge dog, the size of a grizzly bear jumped out of the water less than 20 metres away. And Conor was behind me, closer to the water : closer to the monster.

"Run Karla!" he shrieked, "Just go! I love yo-" he pushed me forewards and I ran. He had just saved my life.

The End

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