Sticky Situation

Even the seventh circle of Hades would have trouble saying no to Conor. My Conor. Burning blue eyes, straw coloured hair with a mind of its own, and a smile that would out do any angel - he was all mine...

The lake was about a miles walk behind my house, hidden in a mass of trees and shrubbery. The moon was perfectly refelcted of the surface of the still water. He turned me so I could see the reflection of the moon in his perfect eyes. He leaned in to kiss me, and froze inches from my face.

"Karla..." Conor whispered, an unusual edge of panic slipping into his voice.

"Whats wrong? " I glanced around us. We were alone - not another human in sight. Considering how finely tuned Conor is to the enviroment figured it must be a squirrel falling out of a tree nearby.

He put one finger to his lips, and stretched the other arm over my shoulder. My eyes followed his arm, down to the tip of his shaking finger.

The End

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