Chapter 5.5Mature

I'm sure we'll meet them another time,” she murmured, letting out an exhausted sigh. Sophie raised her eyebrows looking from Alivia to Morael.

I'm Sophie,” she said, unsure what was going on. Alivia blinked at her and realised how odd this looked.

Right. Sophie meet Morael. Sophie's my best friend. Morael's … “ An angel? Annoying?

Foster brother,” Morael put in, surprising Alivia. “They've put me in Muriel's care temporarily until they find somewhere more permanent,” he shrugged. Alivia blinked at how casual he was acting. He's probably been alive long enough to know how to act human.

Oh, Ali didn't say anything,” Sophie said.

It was a very fast thing,” Alivia said. “We should get going. I'll talk to you tomorrow Soph,” she said, standing up.

Okay, see you,” she replied, waving and looking at the text at last. Outside the air was warm and crisp, summer was fast approaching. When they'd walked off the high street full of shops and were approaching the house Alivia paused, turning to look at him.

Foster brother?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

Seemed the best way to handle the situation. Muriel's already handled the human side of things. This way I can keep a close eye on both you and Jordan,” Morael explained.

Oh god, please don't tell me you're going to school with us,” Alivia murmured. Morael snorted.

Trust me, I'm not happy about the idea either,” he muttered. “But the demons only option now will be to find you through the school. And there are plenty demons who can shield their presence from me,” he said.

Comforting,” Alivia stated. “So how do we figure out if someone's a demon?” she asked.

There are basics. Silver, holy water, salt. A demon should react to all of these. But I wouldn't worry about your normal group of friends. It's people who are new to town that we need to worry about,” Morael said. Alivia tried to think of anyone who's recently moved in.

Denise only moved here a month ago. She was giving me hell from the first moment we met,” she said.

I can look into it,” Morael said, frowning. “But if she was at the party, I didn't sense anything. I may not be able to do much,” Morael murmured. Alivia sighed before remembering something.

Actually, she left just before you turned up,” she said. Remembering her leaving with Justin. At the time she just seemed desperate to be alone with Justin. But now Alivia wondered if it was something else chasing her out. She pushed away thoughts of angels and demons, deciding to enjoy the clear sky of stars.

Have fun sharing a room with Jordan,” she joked.

I'm sure I'll survive,” Morael muttered back dryly. Alivia blinked at him.

Did you just make a joke?” she asked, feeling the faintest of smiles form on her lips. Morael raised an eyebrow at her.

I'm an angel. Joking isn't in our repertoire,” he said. But she could see a smile flick across his features for the barest of seconds. Maybe Morael isn't as bad as I thought. And maybe, just maybe, they'd somehow survive this. It was a hope she clutched onto like a desperate child.

To be continued ... 

The End

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