Chapter 5.4Mature

Alivia sighed into her hot chocolate, finding any desire to drink it fade in the face of everything that had happened. Sophie looked up from her texting and shot her a worried look from the other side of the table.

Are you okay?” she asked. Alivia starred at her best friend, wanting to pour the whole unbelievable truth out. But she couldn't do that to her. Couldn't risk putting Sophie in danger like that.

I'm fine,” she murmured in response, her voice tired. Sophie frowned at the tone and placed her phone on the table. It buzzed with a response text but Sophie ignored it, leaning forward.

Ali, it's me,” she said, her eyes staring into hers intently. “We know everything about each other, remember? So don't start hiding things now,” she finished, her jaw set in determination.

Then tell me why you've been acting so weird recently,” Alivia replied. The words surprised Sophie and she looked down, but not fast enough to hide the sheepish look. She sighed and looked up, shrugging.

I don't know what's going on with me. I'm used to guys picking you over me everytime.” Alivia blinked, opening her mouth to response. Sophie cut her off with a look. “You've always been the pretty one Ali. That's never bothered me. You've always been the stronger one too. Remember that bully in primary school? One look from you and he backed right down,” Sophie said. Ali couldn't help smiling at the memory, the first day they'd met. Now she wondered if the bully backed down because he instinctively sensed something inhuman about her. “I love you Ali, you know that. I used to respect you so much. But the way Martin's been acting recently …. “ Sophie trailed off. Alivia starred at her best friend.

You love Martin like a brother,” Alivia said, confused.

That doesn't mean I like the way he's been acting,” Sophie said. “And you're not the type to just accept it. Even if you have been together since like forever.”

What else am I meant to do Sophie? We argue when it happens and he apologises everytime,” Alivia shrugged.

An apology means nothing if he keeps doing it Ali,” Sophie replied. “And there's a much nicer guy interested now,” Sophie pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

Kaiden? No. If I was going to end it with Martin I would not immediately go out with some other guy,” Alivia said, feeling heat rise in her cheeks.

Suit yourself. I just think you need to give some kind of ultimatum serious consideration. Or get Martin to tell you what's actually bothering him,” Sophie said. Alivia nodded, not wanting to talk about it anymore. She knew deep down Sophie was right, but Martin possessiveness seemed like such a small thing when compared to everything else she'd learnt.

Oh my god, that guy is delicious,” Sophie murmured reverently suddenly. Alivia frowned and glanced over her shoulder at who just entered. Morael glanced around the coffee shop until he met her eyes and headed in their direction. Sophie eyes bugged out and she glanced at Alivia.

You know him?” she whispered. “So not fair,” she added before Alivia could reply. Morael paused, standing next to the table. He shot Sophie a passing look.

Hi,” she said, with a shy wave.

Hi,” he replied, more out of courtesy than anything based on his tone.

What do you want now?” Alivia asked, feeling a headache form behind her eyes. Morael raised an eyebrow at the irritation lacing her words.

Just thought you'd want to know our friends got away okay,” he replied, giving her a pointed look. Alivia blinked at him, taking a moment to realise he was talking about the demon - more than one of them. I'm really beginning to hate my life.  

The End

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