Chapter 5.3Mature

Morael waited outside, ready to intercept the demons path as it headed away from the crowds of humans on the street. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw Alivia emerge from the house with Jordan. The fire alarm idea had been smart. And based on the demons mood, it had saved a life. Morael watched as she approached the tree he was hiding behind and paused, her own senses aware of him.

Show yourself angel, or leave,” she said. Her voice terse and inpatient. Someone not used to being stopped. A higher demon. Morael left the tree and stepped inside the circle of light provided by a nearby lamp post. The demon was pretty by human standards, then again most were. It was all part of their allure to break a humans faith. Not that many held much in the way of belief nowadays.

Morael,” she said, a one-sided smile splitting her face. Morael was mildly surprised that she knew who he was, but he didn't let that show.

If you know who I am, then you know what's about to happen,” Morael said, calling a sword from the ether and into being. She smirked at the weapon, her dark eyes taking on a red hue.

I know you were meant to protect the last nephilim. You'd think you're superiors would've learnt after the first failure,” she replied. Morael tightened his grip on the weapon.

You won't goad me into an easy defeat demon,” he said. He raised the sword and lunged for her. She ducked his first swipe, genuine fear flashing in her eyes. He swiped again and she barely avoided it. A wince that sounded more like a hiss left her mouth. Her hand moving to cover her upper arm.

Sorry, but I'm not interested in dying,” she said. She sent a wave of dark energy, throwing him against the tree and holding him there. Morael thrust his own energy at it, trying to fight it. He watched as sweat dripped down her brow with the effort to hold him in place. He threw another volley of power against her and her net broke.

Didn't get to feed tonight?” he asked, already knowing the answer. She laughed, a sound like knives scraping over chalkboards.

Don't worry. I nabbed a lovely soul earlier today,” she replied, her tone mocking. “I suppose you wouldn't understand that. Still, you must've felt the first nephilim's soul when he died,” she said.

Demon,” Morael began, lashing out energy and pinning her against the ground. He summoned a dagger and held it against her throat. A thin line of blood appeared, her skin smoking where it touched the holy steel. “Stop talking about things you don't understand, it just makes you look even more idiotic.” A second force yanked him off her, sending him sprawling on the grass.

Claire, stop playing with the angel,” a male voice said across the road. Claire scrabbled to her feet and raced to the other demon. Morael stood up, glaring at the second demon.

Clearly the nephilim is hidden to us now,” he said, meeting Morael's gaze head-on. “But this is far from over angel.” With that the two turned and disappeared. Using the shadows to cover their presence from him. After a few moments of silence Morael cursed quietly. At least I know their faces now.

The End

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