Chapter 5.2Mature

Jordan gulped as Clare moved close enough that he could feel her body brush his. Her smile changed as she leaned closer, becoming predatory. Jordan hesitated a moment, a niggling in the back of his head saying this was a bad idea.

I bet you taste delicious,” she murmured, her lips brushing his. Jordan blinked at the odd choice of words. Her lips pressed lightly against his and he felt a shudder go down his spine. Something doesn't feel right- . The loud blare of the fire alarm made him jump back, ending the kiss before it'd barely started. He glanced at the alarm on the hallway wall. He turned to face Claire again.

Oh crap, we better-” the words died on his lips as he realised she was already gone. His lips parted in confusion.

Jordan!” Alivia's voice called up the stairs. “Where the hell are you dammit,” she muttered, running up the stairs.

I'm here, calm down,” Jordan said before she could look up from the steps and see him. She had a moment of surprise before grabbing his hand.

We need to get out of here,” she said, dragging him behind her. Jordan didn't argue. The last thing he wanted to do was die from smoke inhalation. 

The End

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