Chapter 4.5Mature

Jordan searched for Sophie and Kaiden, they seemed to be the only two people worth hanging out with here. He found her, she was searching the crowd with an annoyed look. Guess Kaiden got away then. As if on cue he appeared next to him by the wall, his own eyes scanning the crowd.

Mind if I hide here?” he asked. Jordan laughed at the mock fear in his voice.

Sophie that terrifying?” Jordan asked.

She's nice enough, but I'm not really interested,” Kaiden shrugged.

You could just tell her that,” Jordan pointed out. Kaiden sighed, slumping against the wall.

I have a feeling she wouldn't care,” he groaned, half burying his face in one hand. Jordan had a good feeling he knew exactly who Kaiden was interested in. “Anyway, happy birthday,” Kaiden said with a light shoulder pat, changing the subject.

Thanks. I think Alivia's heard dozens and this would be my second,” Jordan said.

Yeah, I got the sense not many people like you,” Kaiden said, raising an eyebrow. “Not sure why though,” he added.

I'm used to it,” Jordan said, shrugging away the last comment. He glanced at Kaiden when he didn't reply. Kaiden was frowning, his eyes on someone in the crowd.

I need to go,” he murmured. Jordan didn't have the time to ask why. Kaiden left his side and the house quickly. Jordan's forehead creased as he glanced to where Kaiden had been staring. Melodic laughter echoed from the place and he saw a girl he didn't recognise. She had to be from the university or out of town. He wondered if he should go over and talk to her. Obviously Kaiden was avoiding her for some reason. She glanced round and met his curious gaze. Dark brown eyes met his and she smiled. She held up a hand and made a 'follow-me' motion.

He had a moment to take in her high cheekbones and long pale hair before she turned and disappeared in the crowd. Jordan blinked, feeling his cheeks flush unexpectedly. What have I got to lose? He licked his lips nervously as he made his way through the crowd. He reached the hallway and looked around. He caught a glimpse of her bright red dress disappearing up the stairs and followed. He glanced around before going up the stairs. It wasn't like there was an off-limits sign or anything. Why upstairs and away from others? Jordan pushed away his adolescent thoughts and found her leaned against the upstairs hallway. Her arms were crossed lightly behind her back, her eyes watching him walk closer.

Hi,” Jordan said, feeling unexpected nerves. He didn't understand why he had them all of a sudden, he'd spoken to girls before. But never one this beautiful.

Hey,” she murmured, her voice huskier than he expected. Say something else idiot.

What's your name?” he asked lamely.

Clare, you?” she asked, moving away from the wall and stepping closer to him. He gulped as the smell of her jasmine perfume washed over him.

Jordan,” he replied, his voice unexpectedly horse. He swallowed, hoping he wasn't being obvious. Her lips quirked into a knowing smile.

Why did you follow me?” she asked, taking another step closer.

You asked me too,” Jordan replied, frowning. “Right?” he asked, suddenly feeling very stupid.

So it was just because I asked, no other reason?” she said, the dark pools of her eyes staring intently into his.

You're not bad looking either if that's what your asking,” Jordan replied, hoping his words didn't sound like a bad line. She glanced at the floor shyly before looking back up, now biting her lower lip. Jordan's pupils dilated at the sight of it and he swallowed again. 

The End

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