Chapter 4.4Mature

I'm going to hate this, Jordan thought as they left the car. Alivia had been oddly quiet on the car ride over. He'd wanted to ask her what was bothering her, but he was still annoyed. Not at her, just in general. Like the night before, music was already going.

Must be nice being a rich,” he said dryly as they approached the front doors. Before they got there someone threw them open and nearly barrelled head first into them both.

Oops. Sorry, Ali,” Justin said, his long dirty blond hair tied into a ponytail. His arm was flung over Denise.

Hey Jordan,” she said, her voice turning low despite Justin right next to her. If Justin noticed he didn't show it. His eyes were scanning the car park.

Hi,” Jordan replied stiffly. Not the slightest bit interested in someone like her. Denise, Martin, they pretty much embodied everything about popular kids he hated. Justin was okay enough, but dumb enough to stay with Denise even through she cheated on him left, right and center.

Leaving already?” Alivia asked.

Yup. Got other things to do,” Denise said. “Sure you and Martin sneak off all the time too,” she added with a superior smile. Alivia smile faltered, becoming forced.

I don't know Alivia well. But I doubt she'd do it in the middle of the street.” Jordan blinked as both Denise and Alivia flushed. All eyes turned to a guy he'd never seen before. Based on the way he was looking at Denise, he shared Jordan's opinion of the girl. His eyes turned to Alivia's and Jordan realised easily enough why he'd come to her defence. He's only said one thing and he's better than Martin.

Justin, are you just going to let him talk to me like that?” Denise whispered furiously when Justin watched everything silently.

Er. What do you want me to do?” he asked, confused. Denise sighed loudly and shoved bodily past Alivia, dragging Justin behind her.

This isn't over,” she threw over her shoulder, her dark eyes shaded by her red-dyed hair. Jordan had about a dozen different things he wanted to say as they watched them leave but the new guy beat him to it.

Charming one her.” Jordan laughed at the sarcasm.

She only moved here a week ago and she's already making a reputation for herself,” Jordan said, adding emphasis to 'reputation'.

This is Kaiden, the guy I mentioned,” Alivia said, smiling. “This is my brother, Jordan,” she said to Kaiden. They exchanged 'hey's' and walked inside. Sophie found them immediately, bouncing around with a shine in her eyes. Someone got drunk early.

Happy Birthday guys!” she yelled. Her eyes quickly flashed to Kaiden. “Kaiden, want to dance?” she asked. Kaiden blinked, mildly shocked by the question. Sophie used that moment to drag him after her.

Have fun,” Alivia called after them, laughing quietly. She turned to glance at Jordan. “See, not that bad,” she said. Jordan raised an eyebrow at the comment.

Sure, if you ignore bitch queen from hell,” he replied. “Speaking of, here comes her brother the prince,” he murmured, spotting Martin. Alivia didn't bother replying, just rolled her eyes.

Damn, so you're actually going to spend time with your fellow species,” Martin said when he joined them.

Well at the moment I'm talking to someone lower than me on the evolutionary scale,” Jordan replied. Martin laughed, shrugging the insult away.

Jordan,” Alivia groaned, leaning her head back before giving him a pleading look.

Let's go, leave your brother alone like he wants,” Martin said. Alivia sighed, sending Jordan one more look before following her boyfriend. She turned on the spot before she got lost in the crowd.

Be nice,” she demanded. Jordan rolled his eyes at her and found a decent spot of wall to lean against. At least I can watch drunk people make fools of themselves. 

The End

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