Chapter 4.2Mature

Jordan tapped his pencil on his sketchpad, a buzz of anticipation he didn't understand bugging him. He had wasted hours drawing things, patterns that looked like they belonged in an episode of 'supernatural'. Everytime he completed one sketch, he felt that weird pull grow. Maybe crazy runs in the family afterall. He dumped the sketchpad on his bed along with his pencils and went down the stairs. He heard Muriel humming to herself in the living room. The sound of cardboard shuffling telling Jordan she was unpacking more new stuff. He grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. It opened just as he reached for the handle.

Going somewhere?” Alivia asked, strolling past him, dumping her bag in the hallway as she did.

I've been stuck inside all day, going a bit stir crazy,” he shrugged.

I'm pretty sure the doctor said something about taking it easy and relaxing,” she replied. Jordan rolled his eyes at her words. She grabbed his arm and led him back to the living room. He considered fighting back, but knew it'd be pointless when Alivia looked that determined.

Jordan tried to sneak out,” Alivia announced. Muriel looked up, brushing thin, greying wisps of hair behind her ear as she did.

Well that's just silly,” Muriel commented, sending a small smile to Jordan.

I'm bored,” he said. “And isn't fresh air meant to be good for you?” he added. “Also,” he said, holding up a hand before Alivia could object. “I want to actually celebrate my birthday.” Muriel sighed, exchanging a look with Alivia.

The party,” Alivia said, turning to face Jordan with a big grin. “It can be for both of us.”

Seriously? Spending my birthday with Martin? I'll pass,” he replied. He looked away from Alivia and back at Muriel. “What about the gallery?” he asked. Muriel sighed again, closing her eyes.

I forgot about that,” she murmured. When she opened her eyes it was with an apologetic look. “You know I'd take you. But with all of this,” she said. Gesturing to the mess of cardboard boxes and packaging material strewn on the floor. “I can't really leave the house.”

Which is fine. I can go to the exhibition on my own,” Jordan said.

No, you can't,” Alivia said. The sharpness of the words making it sound like a demand. But the look in her eyes was the sort of worry Jordan had never seen before.

I feel fine. No headache or dizziness,” he pointed out.

I think it's better you not be alone Jordan,” Muriel said. “Plus the party might be good for you.” Jordan blinked. Muriel had never been the sort of mum you could walk all over. But she usually accepted Jordan's need to avoid all the social crap Alivia got involved in.

I'll be upstairs getting ready. I'll also give Martin a call. Let him know you're coming as well,” Alivia said. Jordan felt his jaw clench, wanting to say he wouldn't go. But he couldn't spend his birthday inside gaming. It hurt his head too quickly courtesy of whoever broke in.

You can meet Kaiden, nice new guy, potential friend for you,” Alivia threw in before disappearing. Jordan rolled his eyes. Great, now she's trying to make friends for me.

The End

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