Chapter 3.5Mature

Claire was sat with her legs outstretched, applying a layer of dark red nail polish to her toes. Jared punched the wall once again, a demonic curse savaging the air as he did. Claire glanced at him as more chalk and bits of brick flew. She felt a grin form at the sight of his anger. Jared turned from the wall, his face twisted with irritation. His fists were untouched by the bricks.

Done?” Claire asked. Jared sent her a glare, something that caused her amusement to grow.

Angel came back too fast,” Jared muttered, stalking along the creaking wooden floorboards. They'd found a house on the edge of the town. It was crumbling into decay. They easily scared away the homeless and settled in. Claire glanced into the other room, the sound of pages turning and the warlock mumbling in an archaic language emanating from it.

You got distracted playing games,” Claire pointed out. That earned her a second glare.

Guess that makes it your turn?” Jared asked with a smirk. Claire paused in her application of nail polish. She inspected her nails and with a satisfied sound replaced the top on the tube.

Guess so,” Claire replied, grinning wickedly.

If you don't find the nephilim, I get your little pet,” Jared reminded her. Claire shrugged, sending her pale hair tumbling away from her shoulders as she did.

I don't mind. He wasn't as fun as I hoped he'd be,” she said, her tone almost pouting.

What do you expect from a pathetic human?” Jared muttered, kicking a bit of stone through the already shattered window. They watched as it sailed through the air and disappeared into the trees behind the crippled mansion.

What of the boy you found?” she asked.

He might have angel blood, but I doubt he's a real nephilim,” Jared replied. Clare shook her head at her brother's ignorance. She stood up and joined him in staring outside the window.

But he can be used in other ways,” she murmured. “If he has angel blood, that means he is related to the nephilim in some way.”

Thinking of playing more pointless mind games?” Jared asked.

They work. They just lack the brutality and speed that you prefer,” Claire pointed out.

Fine. Track him down if you wish, play your little manipulative games,” Jared sighed. Clare smirked.

Oh, I plan on it,” she said. She turned away from Jared and walked into the dining room. It was empty apart from a stone table where Jorrick's things sat. She peered over his shoulder at the words he was muttering. She knew the translations immediately, having lived long enough to learn almost every language in existence.

How much longer do we have to wait?” she asked as Jorrick finished his last sentence. He glanced at her, a mixture of fear and reverence on his face.

I think I have a location,” he said, pointing out a residential street on the map. “But I think it'll make more sense to go this evening,” he said. Claire raised an eyebrow at him.

Why?” she asked. He hesitated before replying.

The nephilim was there yesterday evening. And based on what you've said, today will be their sixteenth birthday. I've traced it to a large mansion that is known for holding regular parties. I'm sure they'll be something happening tonight for the nephilim's birthday,” Jorrick finished. He gulped as he watched her, wondering how she was going to react. A small smile formed on her face.

I think you might live yet,” she said, her voice dropping several octaves as she met his eyes. “Now,” she murmured, moving closer to the warlock. “How should we kill time until his evening?” she asked. Jorrick felt light-headed as she studied him.

Please sister, have standards,” Jared muttered, leaning against the doorway.

I do, you just don't like how low they are,” she replied, cocking an eyebrow at the warlock. “Besides, I'm hungry,” she murmured. The warlock's pupils dilated, not understanding her words. Jared laughed, feeling sorry for the novice warlock for a moment. Claire covered his lips with hers and for a moment Jorrick seemed to enjoy it. Then his muscles tensed. He tried to pull away but Claire's hands had a strong hold on his shirt collar. He stopped struggling and Claire ended the kiss, pushing him away. He slumped onto the floor, his eyes still blinking every few moments.

Kill him if you want Jared,” Clare said, licking her lips.

You've stolen his soul. No screaming makes the killing pointless. Not to mention you completely ruined our bet,” Jared replied petulantly. Staring at what was left of the human. An empty vessel that would barely operate anymore.

Oops,” she said, her voice far from apologetic. 

The End

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