Chapter 3.4Mature

You look deep in thought.” Alivia glanced up at the male voice. He was dressed in black jeans and a plain t-shirt now. Though his hair was still stylishly messy.

Oh, the guy from yesterday,” she said out loud without thinking. She covered her mouth and felt herself blush. Luckily he chuckled, unoffended.

Yeah. My name's Kaiden,” He repeated. “You're Alivia, right?” he asked.

Yup,” she answered. “You need help finding something?” she asked, recalling enough to remember this was his first day at the school.

Try everything. But I've been to enough schools so I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually,” he shrugged. “I haven't been assigned all my classes yet, so I have a free period to kill. I was wandering aimlessly, but bored of that now,” he said. He motioned to the floor next to her. “Mind if I join?” he asked.

Oh, sure. Grab some floor,” she joked. He smiled at the words and sat down, his knee brushing hers for the barest of seconds. She jumped as the touch caused a static-like shock to pass through her.

You okay?” he asked, seeing her startled expression. She blinked and felt her cheeks flush a little.

Yeah, I'm good,” she replied, waving her hand and dismissing the whole thing. What was that?

Your friends were wondering what happened to you,” Kaiden said. She frowned at him and he raised an eyebrow. “Since you left the party but didn't come back like you said you would?” he added.

Oh, right. The party. Right. Yeah. That thing,” she rambled, laughing at herself. “Yeah, I had to go home. Break-in. My brother got hurt and everything. So seriously good ditching excuse,” she explained.

Damn. Hope you're brother's okay,” he said.

He's fine. The doctor told him to take the next few days slowly. He doesn't even have to go to school,” she said, laughing at the last part.

Older or younger?” he asked.

Twin actually,” she said.

Wow, nice,” he said. “Ever tease Martin about the similar looks thing?” he asked with a mischievous grin.

Hah, nah. He and my brother have … issues with each other,” she said, sighing as she said the word 'issues'.

Would explain why I didn't see him at the party,” Kaiden said. They sat in silence for a moment, her own thoughts swirling. She needed to do what Morael said and try drawing the gate. But the whole idea seemed so silly. That she could just draw a random symbol and it would just work - provided she was thinking what she wanted? She wanted to ask more questions about this first nephilim. Maybe the guy or girl had left a neat little how-to guide before they'd died.

Do you have any siblings?” she asked to keep the conversation going. He gave a nervous laugh, that half-smile she'd seen the night before returning.

A few. We're not very close though, rarely see each other. I consider myself an only child to be honest,” he explained. She frowned at his words and remembered how his father was always travelling for his business.

Must be lonely,” she murmured.

People are just there to let you down,” he shrugged. She studied him, considering his words.

That's a pretty bleak outlook,” she said. He blinked at the words and laughed.

I guess,” he said. Silence fell between them and she wondered what else she could say. Clearly the guy had serious people problems, but she was hardly the person to go to. She'd struggled for years to bring her own brother out of his anti-social shell without success. The bell rang and Kaiden stood up, holding out a hand.

Want to go find your friends? Then we can coerce them into being my friends too,” he said, his easygoing demeanour from earlier back. She smiled at the joke and let him pull her up, hoping her palm wasn't sweaty or anything. No weird static this time, must just be me.

The End

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