Chapter 3.3Mature

I'm here for a lot of reasons. But right now I'm waiting for you to contain it,” Morael said. Alivia starred him, confused by his words. “You promised you'd stop your power going out of control. So pull it to yourself. Otherwise every demon that comes into the vicinity will know you're here,” he said, his voice far from friendly as he watched her.

I don't know how-” she began.

Then figure it out fast!” he interrupted, yelling. She jumped at the force of it and grabbed her bag from the floor of the car.

Why are you such a jerk?” she threw back. She didn't wait for his answer. She threw open the car door and slammed it shut behind her. She was going to be extremely late, but she didn't care. She got to the end of the street before Morael grabbed her wrist and spun her round. She glared up at him, waiting for more harsh comments. She blinked wetly and clenched her jaw.

What? Nothing to say?” she asked.

I lost my temper,” he stated.

You think?” she said, throwing both hands in the air. She lowered them slowly and let out a jagged breath. “Look, I'm not an idiot. This is all my fault,” she said. Morael opened his mouth to speak but she beat him to it. “But maybe try realising that everything that happened, everything you're saying. It's kind of a big shock,” she said with a hysterical laugh. “So just let me go to school. Let me have some normality,” she finished, her eyes burning with the want to cry. She ignored it and met his gaze evenly. 

“Fine, get back in the car,” he said, turning his back and getting inside. She hesitated before doing as he asked. She expected him to say something else but the car ride was silent. It wasn't until they were outside the school building and she was leaving the car that he spoke again.

“You need to draw a gate,” he murmured.

“Gate?” she asked.

“Circular patterns. Nephilim can't access their powers the same way angels and demons do. They have to channel it through something. We call them gates. You draw it on instinct, whatever purpose you gave that gate will occur,” he explained.

“So draw something that I think will contain my power?” she asked uncertainly. He nodded.

“Unfortunately, I don't know the gate myself or I'd draw it for you. The last and only other nephilim to exist before you … it's a long story,” Morael said.

“Wait. There's only been one other nephilim before me?” Alivia asked, fixing him with a wide-eyed stare.

“It's a long story,” Morael repeated, a determined look in his eye. He's never going to tell me it either.

“Fine. I'll try to draw this gate-thing. But Jordan's the artist, not me,” Alivia said, standing up with her hand on the open passenger door.

“It doesn't have to look pretty,” Morael pointed out. He leaned forward to shut the door. “Be careful,” he said. She watched him drive away before turning.

Right, school,” she murmured to herself, walking towards the main entrance of Brookgate secondary school. She yanked open the metal bars and walked in. One glance at the clock told her she had already missed her first two lessons and the mid-morning break. Muriel would've already contacted the school so they knew about the 'break-in'. If she hurried she'd catch the end of her third class.

Alivia opted for going to the library instead. She'd hide there for the next fifteen minutes then find her friends at lunch. There were a few students in the centre of the room – where tables and chairs were spread out evenly – doing work or reading. She found a bookcase near the back and slumped to the floor. Can I ever tell any of them? Sophie was the obvious one to tell. But how could she tell Sophie and not tell Jordan? Sophie would never understand Alivia's decision to keep it all to herself. Everyone will be safer not knowing anything.

The End

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