Chapter 3.2Mature

Alivia wished it was Martin when she pulled open the door and sat down. He would've been much better company.

I can't believe you're going to go to school after what happened last night.” Morael said, starting the engine.

Well, until someone explains to me what is actually going on, I am. I won't stop my whole life because of some malformed dog-thing,” Alivia snapped back, her voice taut with stress. Morael made a disgruntled sound, shaking his head.

How many times do I have to tell you it was a demon?” he said.

And how many time do I have to tell you I won't believe that,” she replied. The argument was getting a little old now.

Humans,” he muttered, shaking his head.

I thought I was only part human,” Alivia replied. Morael sent her a side-glance before pulling over at the nearest curb. “What are you doing?” she asked. If he tries to stop me one more time-

You're the nephilim,” he said, turning to face her.

I'm the what-now?” she said, blinking. Morael sighed and rolled his eyes.

Your mother was human, but your father was an angel,” Morael explained. Alivia stared at him, her mouth parting slightly.

My father was an angel,” she said. The words tasted ludicrous as she said them. “My father was some dick who ran out on my mum before we were born,” Alivia said, anger unfurling in her chest.

All very true, seeing as he was a fallen,” Morael said.

As in fallen angel?” Alivia asked, eyes widening.

Yes,” he replied. Alivia looked away and out the window. Her eyes searched the people walking down the streets. Scanned the skies and the people sitting in cars.

Why do they see you now?” she asked.

Because I'm letting them,” he shrugged. “Your perception is only part of what you can potentially do,” Morael said, reading her thoughts.

Yeah, and what's that?” she asked, turning back to meet his gaze. He studied her with narrowing eyes. She had the distinct feeling that whatever he said, she wasn't going to like it. Why go to the effort of guarding us?

Make hell on earth,” he said.

What?” she said, all seriousness replaced by confoundment.

Understand, humans with angelic blood are nothing new to us. They never fully gain their angelic heritage. They're a bit stronger and healthier than most humans, but nothing special,” Morael explained.

But me and Jordan are. Why?” she asked.

Because you are the nephilim. Half your essence is angel - not just a little bit of it like others,” Morael answered.

And Jordan's the same?” she asked.

I don't know. He could be like every other mixed breed born and be essentially mortal,” Morael shrugged. Alivia closed her eyes and sighed in relief. When she opened them Morael expression was still foreboding.

So how do you know I'm a nephilim?” she asked.

You have perception. And that demon hound followed a trail of power to you,” Morael said.

What about whatever attacked Jordan?” she countered. I'm normal, like Jordan. I have to be.

The demon followed residual signatures to your house. It found and fought Muriel. Jordan was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Morael explained. Alivia gulped, searching for other ways his theory could be wrong. “That demon isn't dead yet, it knows where you live now and will probably come back.”

That demon? As in there's more than one?” she barely controlled her voice as she spoke, meeting Morael's unreadable eyes.

Potentially.” How can he sound so calm?

Then go kill them,” Alivia exclaimed. “I mean, that's what you're here for, right?” she asked.

The End

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