Chapter 3.1Mature

Chapter Three

Jordan groaned, feeling a splitting headache form behind his eyes. He pulled himself up and saw he was in his bed, early morning light streaming in through the window. The light made his eyes water a little with the headache. He stood up and had to catch himself on the wall, feeling a wave of dizziness overtake him. He touched the back of his head and winced at the pressure. He pulled his hand away and stood there, one arm braced against the wall. What the hell happened last night? Maybe he'd given in and gone to the party. One drink too many or something. He pushed away from the wall and paused in the hallway, adrenaline spiking his system as he stared down the stairs, though why he didn't understand. He walked downstairs slowly, preparing for something. What's wrong with me today? He walked into the living room and blinked.

Where'd our stuff go?” he asked.

Break-in,” Muriel answered from the kitchen. “Doctors said you might not remember it when you woke up,” Muriel said, motioning to his head.

Damn,” he muttered. Least that explains the weird feeling. “Interesting sixteenth birthday present.”

At least you're okay now,” Alivia said coming down the stairs. She paused when she reached the bottom, then pulled him into a tight hug.

How badly was I hurt?” Jordan asked, blinking and putting his arms round her automatically. “Do I have a awesome scar to show girls now?” he joked. Alivia smiled at him, shaking her head.

I got to get to school,” she said, walking into the kitchen to grab her bag. Jordan followed and saw Muriel was sat at the small table with a chipped mug. There were only two chairs and the second one didn't look stable enough to be a good sitting choice.

I better get sorted,” Jordan said.

You're staying home. Doctors orders,” Muriel said, standing up. “So you're going to stay here and rest. And then later on, you can help me bring in the new furniture I ordered last night,” Muriel finished.

Sounds better than maths,” Jordan replied. “Wait, how are you getting to school then?” he asked, glancing at Alivia.

Lucky for me I have a cute boyfriend whose dad is in town,” Alivia grinned. Jordan made a disgusted sound in the back of his throat and put some bread in the toaster.

Bye,” Alivia called as she left the room. The front door closed before Jordan finished uttering his own response.

So how long are we going to be eating basics?” Jordan asked, glancing around the bare rooms.

Not too long, the insurance covered most of the costs,” Muriel replied, standing up, her coffee finished. “I'm going to the shops to grab a few more things. You stay here and rest, I mean it,” she said.

I promise to spend the day lazing on the sofa,” Jordan said with a mock salute. She smiled at him and Jordan returned it. He watched it falter slightly, turning sad.

This wasn't anyone's fault, you know,” he said, taking her by surprise. She let out a small laugh.

Of course I do,” she said. “Rest,” was her final command before she left. He finished eating and grabbed a shower. A quick check on the computer told him no one worth talking to was online. He stood up, ready to instigate plan 'couch potato', when he spotted his sketchpad on his bedside table. He picked it up along with his sketching pencils and sat back down at his desk. He moved the junk from his desk so he had enough space and opened the pad to a blank page. He flicked over his old designs as he did. Random doodles and sketches of places and people. He had a few drawings of random things from his dreams as well. It seemed like he hadn't drawn anything in ages as he picked up a pencil. He didn't understand why he had the wild urge now but he started drawing. The image of a strange, runic symbol burned in his mind yelling to be placed on paper. He frowned down at it when he was finished.

There's a first,” he murmured. For once seeing exactly what he'd pictured in his head mirrored on paper. No flaws, no mess-ups. He'd even managed to draw the circles perfectly. 

The End

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