Chapter 2.5Mature

This is insane, all insane. Angels and demons? Perception? You told me I was imagining things,” she rambled. “And now they were always real. And demons are after me and my brother. Why?” her voice was hoarse as she asked the question.

Because you're both special,” Muriel murmured her response, her eyes sad. Alivia didn't feel particularly special. Alivia blinked away tears and let out a slow breath. She turned to face her mother, if she could really call her that anymore.

Will he remember all of this?” she asked. Muriel seemed surprised by the question.

It's a possibility. Why ask?” Muriel replied.

We can make him forget,” Morael put in. Understanding flashing from his eyes to hers, as he studied Alivia.

Make him,” Alivia said. Muriel opened her mouth to object, Alivia cut her off by holding up a hand. “Look, I don't care what you mean by special. I don't even care that suddenly angels and demons are real,” Alivia ranted, throwing both hands out either side of her. “But I do care about Jordan. So we keep him in the dark,” Alivia finished, crossing both arms. Her eyes daring either of them to challenge her decision.

If you really want to prevent him knowing, you need to lease your powers,” Muriel said. “Sooner rather than later. It's just pouring around you and attracting demons,” she explained. Powers? Alivia fought the urge to ask a million more questions.

Show me how and I will,” she promised. Muriel and Morael exchanged a glance.

Makes my job easier,” Morael shrugged. He bent down in front of Jordan and placed a hand on his forehead, which was beaded with sweat. He spoke in a hushed tone with words alien to Alivia. His hand glowed for a moment, and then it was over. He stood up and turned to leave

I hope you're a good liar,” Morael said as he passed Alivia.

I'm protecting him,” Alivia defended.

I guess,” he murmured as he left. Alivia starred around the mess of broken furniture and blood. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed the broom.

Guess we should clean this up before he wakes up,” Alivia said. Muriel watched her quietly as Alivia brushing the glass into a pile. Her hands shaking and sending the glass in odd directions. She reached out and laid a hand on Alivia's shoulder. The touch made the girl jump and look at her with wide, shiny eyes.

I'll do that. You take Jordan upstairs,” Muriel said softly. She watched as Alivia's mouth tightened, wanting to argue. “Morael and I will explain everything tomorrow,” She said. Alivia sighed and handed her the broom, giving in. Alivia headed to the kitchen door, her hand resting on the doorway as her thoughts whirled. “I'm sorry you found out this way,” she added. Alivia glanced over her shoulder, her expression unreadable.

So am I,” she whispered.

The End

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