Chapter 2.1Mature

Chapter Two

The warlock cursed and stood up. He was half-tempted to rip up the old tome before him, but knew that'd be a waste of knowledge.

Did you manage to find the nephilim?” Jared asked, snagging the warlocks attention. Jorrick gulped convulsively as he met the demons dark gaze.

The angel killed the demon before I could get a good enough connection to see him or her myself,” he replied, shrugging. Jared's lips thinned and the temperature in the abandoned, breaking down mansion dropped a few degrees.

I can try again-” Jorrick began, trying to ignore the rise of panic in his chest.

No you can't. The angel will know what to expect,” Jared cut him off, walking towards him. His hands twitching with the desire to kill the useless tool.

There are other ways to find the nephilim,” Jorrick cried, backing away until he hit the far wall. Jared sneered at him, flashing teeth that were human in appearance and yet seemed sharp and deadly.

What ways?” A lilting voice asked. Jared rolled his eyes and glanced over his shoulder.

We shouldn't waste our time with this one Claire. Just let me kill him,” Jared said. His sister raised a delicate pale eyebrow, pursing her red lips.

Killing him will achieve nothing,” Claire said. She shoved him out of the way and crossed her arms, studying the warlock.

It'll make me feel better,” Jared muttered, glaring at Jorrick.

And what about finding the nephilim?” Claire asked. Jared rolled his eyes again.

I can sense the power all over this town. It shouldn't be hard to track it to wherever it lives,” Jared said.

And what if the angels are there, guarding it?” Clare asked, cocking her head to the side.

Then I guess I get to kill an angel,” Jared replied, his glare turning into a dark grin. Clare rolled her eyes this time and sighed loudly.

Men,” she muttered. She grabbed Jorrick by the collar and yanked him back to where he'd set up his alter for the raising and controlling of the tracker demon. An ancient leather-bound book sat before it. Surrounding it was blood, precious stones and jewels and other tools and ingredients.

How about a bet Jared? You try your way. I'll try mine,” Clare suggested, smirking at the warlock. Jared laughed harshly.

That's a bet your going to lose sister,” he replied. Claire gave him a small knowing smile.

If you say so. But whoever wins gets to keep the warlock,” she said. Jorrick's eyes grew wide at the words.

Deal,” Jared said, grinning. Clare glanced at Jorrick, her hands still holding his collar lightly. Jared laughed again, seeing the panic in the warlocks eyes before leaving the house.

So,” Claire said, releasing the warlock. “I'd recommend we don't mess up again.” Jorrick was already leafing through the book for another way. He licked his dry lips before speaking nervously.

I don't know who the nephilim is. But I can still work out where he or she was,” he said. Clare sent him a smile dazzlingly enough, that no doubt any man would fall for it.

Now that,” she began, Bending down in front of him and tracing a hand lightly down his chest. “Is a very good idea,” she murmured. 

The End

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