Chapter 1.5Mature

The crash had been a glass, so nothing big. She helped Martin sweep up the shards and chuck them in the bin.

That guy's weird,” Alivia murmured when they were done. She was breathing shallowly, so she wouldn't feel the effects that all the people around her currently stoned were. Though most had scampered outside on Martin's arrival.

Seems nice enough to me,” Martin said, grabbing her wrist lightly and pulling her closer. “Sorry about before,” he murmured, brushing his lips lightly over hers.

Maybe I should go call Jordan, see how he is … “Alivia wondered aloud.

Or you could stay here and kiss me,” Martin suggested with a goofy grin. Clearly Martin didn't care about breathing the air around them. Alivia smiled up at him and kissed him. She pulled away before it could become too heated.

I'll be right back,” she said, walking off. Martin tutted in annoyance but he was still grinning. They shared another smile before she left the house. The cool, clear air was a nice relief against her skin. She crossed the other side of the street so she wouldn't be drowned out by the music. She got voice-message and rolled her eyes at herself. Of course he won't answer, he's driving.

Look, sorry about Martin. You know how he is, but it really was a joke. Just a bad one. But I wish you would come to one of these parties.” Alivia realised she was on the verge of rambling but couldn't stop it. “I know you've never cared about being popular and I've always respected that. But there's nothing wrong with talking to people outside some online game Jordan. I just wish-” she didn't finish the sentence. She let out a small cry of surprise as she felt someone push her to the floor. The shove had enough force that she scraped her knee on the pavement.

Her phone flew from her hand, ending up somewhere into the dark. She muttered a curse and turned to see what was going on. She froze at the thing before her. That was best way she could think of to describe it. It looked similar to a dog, only much bigger and less hair. What fur it did have hung in dirty clumps. But she wasn't really thinking about that. Her eyes were locked on the big teeth gnashing together as it approached her, a second row behind the first. Where are it's eyes? She thought, pushing back bile and staring at the stitches where eyes should be.

Stay down,” a male voice demanded behind her. She didn't understand the point, she was already sprawled awkwardly on the ground. She scrabbled away from the thing as it sniffed the air. It tilted its head backwards and began howling. A sound high-pitched enough it hurt her ears. She didn't dare glance behind her, didn't dare take her eyes off the monster for a second. Her back bumped into something. She heard the sound of something being unsheathed and gave into the urge to glance behind her. She was leaning against a guys legs. Not just any guys either. It was him, the guy she kept seeing everywhere.

Up close she could see how his golden hair fell in curly waves to his shoulders. His well-defined cheekbones drew back as he clenched his jaw. Perfect eyebrows above stormy grey eyes narrowed. He walked around her and muttered words in a language she didn't recognise. He raised a sword and the creature backed away with a hiss. The sword glowed with an otherworldly light. Bright enough that it hurt Alivia eyes to stare directly at it. She swore she could hear the sound of static licking its surface. The monster shied away from it, lowering its body and growling. It lunged for the man. He moved the sword once and the creature never reached him. It crumbled to ash that the soft breeze quickly blew away. Alivia stared open-mouthed as the man re-sheathed his sword at his waist. He turned to face her, those thunderous eyes now meeting hers. Her pulse raced as she stood up slowly, something was off. She blinked, concentrating, sure she was missing something.

Looks like they've found you now,” he muttered, his voice surprisingly soft. he turned his back to her again and she saw it. For a split second she saw wings. Long, glowing, feathered ones.

Wh-what are you?” she asked, taking a step back. He glanced back at her again, his eyes studying her calmly.

An angel,” he replied.

The End

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