Chapter 1.1Mature

Episode 1 – Nephilim - Present Day.

Chapter One

A sharp pencil poking him between the shoulder blades woke him. His chair squeaked as he opened his eyes, fighting the urge to yawn loudly. Jordan blinked a few times to wake up, he heard the tail end of some lecture from his geography teacher, which he ignored. He glanced over his shoulder at his sister. She was holding the pencil in the air, her eyes moving over the textbook. Unlike Jordan, Alivia actually bothered to learn.

What do you want?” he muttered. Green eyes that were a darker shade than his own looked up.

You were starting to snore,” she said with a shrug before her attention returned to the book. Jordan rolled his eyes and slumped down in his chair with a small sigh. Only one more month to go and the summer holidays would start. Alivia would probably be spending it in town with her friends, flirting with dumb guys and shopping. He would be stuck indoors on his computer most likely, he was happier there. Though no doubt Muriel would try to get him to be more outgoing. The teacher glanced at the clock when she finished her lecture. It was the last lesson of the day and she'd decided they'd done enough work. It wasn't like they were doing anything important other than revising stuff they'd already learnt. Well, Alivia learnt. He hated most classes, the only thing he was good at was drawing and ignoring the world. Usually with his headphones, which he stuck into his ears as they left the classroom. They were yanked out before he reached his locker.

You coming to the party tonight?” Alivia asked, ignoring his scowl.

Of course not,” he replied. So he could watch the football guy that bullied him daily flirt and make out with his sister? He could think of far better ways to waste his time.

You sure? I know a girl who's rather interested in you,” Alivia said with a knowing smile. Not this again.

You mentioned it more than once,” he replied.

Come one Jordan. She is your type, and pretty,” Alivia pushed, raising her voice and grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him a little.

I didn't realise I had a type,” he drawled, bored of the repeated conversation. Why didn't Alivia just leave it alone? His life goal wasn't to find a girlfriend, not that he had many life goals to begin with. Jordan grabbed the rest of his stuff, Alivia did the same across the corridor. He turned to follow her outside and paused. Alivia eyes had left the locker. She was starring out the long window lining the corridor near her locker. Her face looked young and scared. Crap.

What is it?” he asked, already knowing from her expression what.

It's him again,” she whispered. Jordan followed her line of sight, but as always he could see nothing. Alivia had seen odd things since she was young. Muriel, their foster mum, was always quick to dismiss them. So Alivia kept it to herself, but Jordan could always tell when her gaze had seen something outside the norm. He'd join Muriel's attitude, but Alivia was well aware she shouldn't see these things. She's always worried she was going insane when she saw something. He could see that worry now as she stood still, fists tight enough to drain her knuckles white.

We should get home,” Jordan said, resting a hand on her shoulder. She started at it and nodded, her eyes pinned to the floor making her dark brown hair hang like a curtain. Outside, Jordan looked where her eyes had been searching but still nothing.

Is it still there?” he murmured as he opened the passenger door for her. Her eyes flicked and she shook her head. A sigh of relief shaking her whole body. He got in himself and turned the key. The only reason he could drive at sixteen was because their foster mum was housebound. The government could've moved them but neither of them were interested in living with someone else. He drove home quickly, sending Alivia worried side-glances. Her eyes were everywhere, no doubt worried she was about to see something else. They got home to a note tapped to the fridge.

Muriel's gone to the shops.” Jordan said as his sister dropped her bag onto one of the dining chairs in the kitchen. She nodded her acknowledge before sitting in another chair, burying her head into her heads with an exhausted sound. She looked at the clock above the far right counter in the kitchen and swore.

I got to go get ready.” She stood up and left the room in the time it took Jordan to blink at her. He shrugged and grabbed a glass of juice before heading into his room. He could hear the sound of things being thrown about behind the door opposite his.

Muriel will shout at you if you make too much mess,” he yelled. Her response was blurred by the door and the sound of more stuff shuffling, but he was pretty sure it ended with an 'off'. He shrugged and walked into his room. Clothes were strewn across the floor, a pile of old plates he really need to take downstairs sat precariously on the edge of his desk. He hit the on button for his computer and leaned back in his chair as he waited for it to fire up. A impatient knock came. What now?

What?” he asked as Alivia walked in.

Which one should I wear?” she asked, a white vest top and black leather jacket in one hand and a frilly blue blouse in the other.

You're asking me about fashion?” Jordan asked with a raised eyebrow.

Sophie isn't on skype,” she shrugged. “Come on, you're a guy. Which looks better?”

You're my sister, therefore the point becomes irrelevant.”

Jordan!” Her back straightened as she shot him an annoyed look.

If its so you can make out with that jerk Martin, I definitely don't care,” Jordan continued, ignoring her plea.

Leave Martin out of this. The guy stopped beating you up in year nine. And,” she stretched out the word. “If you came with me you'd realise he's actually a nice guy. He's even said he wants to be friends with you.” She cocked an eyebrow at him, daring him to deny it.

You're right, he did stop punching me. But he and his buddies still insult the hell out of me. He probably just said that so he could sleep with you,” Jordan said. Alivia face flushed and she made a strangled sound in the back of her throat. She turned abruptly and headed back to her room, hands thrown up in the air, the clothes hangers balanced expertly on her fingers the whole time. Jordan couldn't help but grin as he heard her mutter curses as she got ready. 

The End

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